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Tojiro DP Honesuki Boning Knife 150mm - Click to enlarge
Tojiro DP Honesuki Boning Knife 150mm
Item #F-803
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Considered to be one of the best lines as an introduction to Japanese knives, the DP series is constructed with a core of VG-10 stainless steel sandwiched between a layer of softer stainless for ease of sharpening. This line is constructed with a Black Stamina wood handle and stainless steel bolster. The 150mm Honesuki is the traditional boning knife in Japan. Perfectly suited for deboning chickens, it can easily handle things like lamb racks or even rabbit. These knives are known for their superior performance for the price.

  • Weight: 6.4oz
  • Blade length: 150mm
  • Overall length: 176mm
  • Spine thickness at heel: 2.9mm

    Please note we can only ship Tojiro knives in the USA.

  • Average rating is 4.7
    By:  Jeff Schriner
    Louisville KY
    This knife is a champ and a real value to boot. Fit and finish was as good as any Wusthof or Henckles knife I have ever owned which is to say--Excellent!

    It came nicely sharpened out of the box and very usable. It has sharpened up on my stones to a scary edge!

    I own a powdered steel Honesuki from another well known maker that costs twice as much and offers no benefit over the Tojiro in terms of performance,looks,or sharpness.

    This is not just a value its a GREAT buy!
    By:  DwarvenChef
    Fantastic blade design for taking apart chicken. Only fault for me was the handle is to small,I have large hands,causing the grip to shift.
    By:  Peter (mongatu)
    I am amazed by the toughness and durability of this knife. These knives are intended to be used to cut up chicken and I frequently use mine for breaking down whole chickens. I have pounded it though breasts,bones and all,and the blade has never shown the slightest bit of micro chipping. It holds its edge very well and is very easy to sharpen,especially for a stainless. I think this knife represents great value. Also the Honesuki size/shape makes a tough,good all purpose utility knife.
    By:  Socrates7
    A small,rigid-bladed knife with a very functional slicing tip this Eastern boning knife is really well put together and fun to use. Sharp,holds an edge well,and that tip will slip into the darndest of places. Note to self: do not use this knife to undo stitching in one’s clothing,tempting though it may be.
    By:  JBroida
    Beverly Hills,CA
    This is one of the most used knives in my kit. A wonderful value and i have yet to find a honesuki that works better. The core steel will take a wonderful edge and does not chip easily. It stays sharp a long time as well. This knife can take a lot of abuse and still keep on going. The fit and finish was good,although the handle is not the most comfortable in the world. But,who cares... i still think this is one of my favorite knives.

    An additional plus is that it can be used as a petty knife as well. So if you are looking to reduce kit size,this is a great option.
    By:  j jay
    Winter Park,CO
    A great knife for a lot less $$$ than anything else out there. Great for breaking down birds. I’m sure it will kill racks of lamb,as well. I usually go for more rounded handles,but for a boning knife,I think the western style handle is more secure when you are using different types of grips while breaking down messy stuff. Excellent bang for your buck... Oh wait,I said that already. Gotta get a couple more Tojiros. Did I say great bang for your buck?
    By:  Miles
    Great little knife. F&F was very nice,and the knife has held it’s edge admirably after breaking down a couple chickens. It is very handle heavy but I don’t mind that for the job it’s doing.
    By:  Warren Griggs
    Maybe I’m easily satisfied,but this is another great knife. Love the blade shape and sharpness. Fits well in the hand.
    By:  Lee
    Another great knife,I also have the bigger version of this knife and both are razor Sharpe,just be careful when you sharpen or use a steel on it because its only ground on one side (Single Bevel on Right Side).
    By:  Robert Klemm
    Great Boning knife... I use it everyday for portioning/cleaning Bf Tenders n fish. LOVE IT.
    By:  Rodney
    I’m giving this one 5 stars for Quality and Value. You can buy a more perfectly finished knife with fancier steels,wood handle etc,but not at this price. Even a knife snob may want to consider getting one of these to do real boning work. In the event that you chip the blade (though unlikely) you haven’t damaged a hand made heirloom. Here’s a few points to consider:

    • Single bevel blade (right hand) sharpen right side more and de-burr/minimally sharpen the left. Factory edge was quite good. No nicks for flat spots visible under 30x microscope.

    • VG-10 blade core w/ stainless tang and lamination

    • Blade length along edge: 150mm - 5.75” edge is slightly curved.

    • Thickness at handle: 2,5mm - 3/32”

    • Thickness 1cm from tip:,75mm - 1/32”

    • Blade width at heel: 38mm – 1.5”

    • Blade width at point clip: 8,5mm – 5/16”

    • Point of balance: Joint of handle scales and bolster:

    • The Japanese Honesuki vs. Europenan boning knife: The tip reaches into joints with what is a narrow sheep’s foot profile that nips through ligaments to remove chicken legs and the like. The deeper blade at the heel allows the cutting edge to extend beyond your fingers so you can use it to trim fat and gristle against a cutting board with the whole sweep of the blade and not just the curved tip of a western boning knife. This knife will work well as a small chef knife for mincing things,good all ‘round utility blade.

    This is a great knife for the following people:

    • Home cook getting into their first Japanese knife

    • Pro who needs a hard working piece for their kit. If it walks away it won’t make you cry.

    • The knife snob who wants a boning knife they can use without fear of using on trickier tasks that their “baby” might not handle (applicable to Pro as well)

    By:  Rob Babcock
    I have to pile on another rave review for this knife. While I have considerably more expensive knives I still keep five Tojiro blades in my work case; well,this one is probably the best of them all! Nearly everything about this knife if perfect (when the price is factored in,at least). It’s sturdy and very sharp OOtB. The slight blockiness common to Tojiros is actually an asset with this one.

    It’s hard to think of much I’d change. Fit ’n’ finish is pretty good,too. It seems Tojiro has put some effort into this lately,as well as making sure the factory edge is good. I give this one the "thumbs up" and five stars. My favorite Tojiro...well,probably tied with my 240mm Western Deba! ;)
    By:  cdw
    Philly area,PA
    There’s a reason people with uber-expensive knives use this honesuki. Pit-bull solid,takes and holds a sharp edge,gets in the smallest spaces and inexpensive.
    By:  GoX
    Tojiro DP steel might actually come from the skin of a Transformer. Probably an Autobot. Unbelievable knife.
    By:  RFrank
    I resisted buying this knife because I questioned its quality given its price. Eventually,I was won over by the cascade of positive reviews. Everything they say is true. This knife is one of the great Japanese knife bargains. It’s only shortcoming,in my opinion,is the too sharply cut edge on the rear of the handle. It’s not comfortable as it comes out of the box,but you can soften it in less than 5 minutes with some fine grit sandpaper (180),followed by some extra fine grit paper (400). Just "lightly" work the edge at a 45 degree angle. Take your time checking the edge as you work. Rub the edge with your finger to polish off the dust and you are good to go. The edge will look like it just came from the factory only better.

    Needless to say,Chef Knives To Go has it all: knives,price,and service.

    By:  Philip Parish
    By:  YV
    Received this knife as an Xmas present. I deboned a turkey for the Xmas brunch and it did very well except for removing some smaller tendons and bones from the drumpstick. I did polish the blade a little bit on a 4K stone afterwards and deboned a chicken. The chicken breast literally jumped off the rib cage. Also,cutting through wings for airline breasts and separating drums/thighs was just easy.

    I’ve never owned a honesuki before but I think this is a great intro. The knife itself is very stout. It’s hefty,but being handle heavy makes it feel much lighter,but none of that is a complaint.

    Lastly,the finish on the handle isn’t absolutely perfect,but that’s also why I’m not paying $400 for it. Great value.

    By:  michael mills
    sonora california
    Absolutely no complaints.

    The fit and finish of this knife is great. The edge is razor sharp out of the box. For the price this seems like a great knife,but only time will tell.
    By:  Chris L.
    I’ve had this knife for almost 10 years. It is such a great value. Stays sharp forever. I mean I never have to sharpen it. I want to sharpen it,but when I check the edge,it just doesn’t need it. You could add a couple hundred bucks to the price and it would still be a good deal. I do an insane amount of volume catering and this thing is the textbook definiton of a work horse. BUY IT !
    By:  Travis
    fantastic knife for price,great addition to my kit. tested on many proteins first day,did great. looking forward to more tojiro’s for there performance and price!
    By:  Lance
    This knife arrived in two days. It was sharp out of the box,and has been nice to use. A great value!
    By:  wood
    This is a great knife and a bargain. I use it almost every day. I use it to break down,pork,chicken and beef every week. I sharpen it once a week and it as been fine all along. There are days when I have this knife in my hand all day.
    By:  hunter
    very sharp out of the box and nice thick blade too.

    had to return my first because the edge was not ground straight,which would have made the 1-sided sharpening next to impossible. mark exchanged happily with no questions asked,once again proving out his fantastic customer service.

    the geometry on my replacement is much better.

    i still think that if i had it to do over again i’d spend more and get one that had personal attention paid to it during construction.

    i’ll probably do that anyway and upgrade in a year or so.

    in the end this knife has done exactly what i wanted it to,which is answer the question: do i really have a place for a honesuki in my collection? the answer is a definite YES.

    i only wish there were more wa-handled options without the darkened kurouchi finish. i’m ready for that fad to go away.
    By:  T. Szwedko
    Salem Ohio
    Awesome piece of hardware. I swear it just melts into my hand. Great box edge,and fit and finish is perfectly smooth. Tore through three birds already and the edge could use just a bit of help on the stones. The finish scratches easy,even a soft dish towel dulled the surface with micro scratches. I don’t care one bit. The way this knife feels and handles is.....Flawless.
    By:  Ryan
    Philadelphia pa
    This knife has a great handle and weight. Awesome blade shape and is overall a workhorse knife. Great buy and I only have the honesuki but am looking into the chef knife as well. I use misono and glestain but for this price I should’ve gone with the tojiro dp!

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