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Tojiro DP Petty 120mm
Tojiro DP Petty 120mm Tojiro DP Petty 120mmTojiro DP Petty 120mm
Tojiro DP Petty 120mm Tojiro DP Petty 120mmTojiro DP Petty 120mm

Tojiro DP Petty 120mm

Item #: F-801
Our Price: $49.95(You Save: $9.05)
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The Tojiro DP line of knives is famous in the market for delivering top-flight performance at an accessible price making it an ideal introduction to the world of Japanese kitchen knives. Tojiro DP knives sport a hard VG-10 stainless core which is expertly treated to achieve a wonderful balance of extreme sharpness potential, ease of maintenance and edge retention. The VG-10 is laminated with softer stainless which improves the sharpening experience and adds integrity to the knivesí construction. These knives feature a nicely tapered spine and great convex grinds which heightens the blades dexterity and improves food release respectively. Fit and finish is very high with a nicely transitioned bolster, flush surfaces and a bulletproof Stamina Wood handle. Overall, these knives are arguably some of the best values available.

This 120mm petty from Tojiro is perfect for smaller slicing tasks and larger peeling work. This format is also popular for use as a smaller utility knife which can be applied to number of everyday activities that donít require the chopping power of a gyuto, but for which a paring knife would be insufficient. Dependent upon the sort of work regularly performed, either this knife or a 150mm petty will be a staple in most professional and home cooksí arsenals.

  • Weight: 2.4 ounces
  • Blade Length: 120 mm
  • Overall Length: 231 mm
  • Thickness at Heel: 1.6 mm

    Please note we can only ship Tojiro knives in the USA.

  • Customer Reviews
    Average rating is 4.9
    By:  RobinW
    Takes a wicked edge and cuts great. No rust issues at all and it will be used for cutting veggies and left wet.

    Relatively thin so a bit of flex in the blade.

    Handle needs a bit of tweaking to be comfortable (sanding with a bit of wet/dry).

    A great knife for the price.
    By:  kevin
    san francisco,ca
    super sharp knife,versatile,perfect length,comfortable handle,awesome packaging! a must have for all pastry chefs!
    By:  Charlie
    Gulf Shores,AL
    Like all my Tojiros,very sharp out of the box and f&f are fine. Peels anything and my wife uses it whenever she needs a knife of any size--go figure? I wash & dry it and all my other knives when I finish using them.

    Truly a bargain.
    By:  David McReynolds
    New York,New York
    I’ve only had it a week or so. The blade is razor sharp - I suspect one could shave with it. Very pleased with it.
    By:  Dennis T.
    What is up with other person saying "Relatively thin *** flex in the blade" It is not thin nor there is any flex,the knife is perfect. Very sharp.
    By:  Brandon
    North Dakota
    This is my second Tojiro dp knife. The fit and finish is flawless on the knife I recieved. The handles are pretty square on my Tojiro’s so a little work with some sandpaper can shape them to your liking if it bothers you. I haven’t touched mine. The knife was fairly sharp however I did a little thinning and polished up the edge and this really is now my new favorite knife. It definately will support and hold a keen edge. 5 stars for a great knife at a awesome price.
    By:  Jp
    San Francisco,CA
    This is just my favorite thing in the world right now. Probably the most versatile,sharp,and easy-to-use blade I’ve held in my hand. The edge retention is very impressive as well as being user friendly. Great knife and this website gives the absolute best price!
    By:  Tomciopaluch357
    This is the knife for smaller jobs.My wife loves it. Perfect for cutting herbs,and boning smaller proteins. Additionally,Petty knives are an indispensable tool for those who feel uncomfortable wielding a larger chef knife,like my wife,over all 5 stars I like that knife too.
    By:  Tomasz.G
    Whitahll PA
    This is a great knife. It is well balanced and light,it’s also really sharp for that price it good for entry level Petty.Great petty knife to purchase!My wife loves it.
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