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Tanaka Damascus Gyuto 240mm
Tanaka Damascus Gyuto 240mm
Tanaka Damascus Gyuto 240mm

Tanaka Damascus Gyuto 240mm

Item #: TA-SU240GY
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This Tanaka Damascus Gyuto 240mm. The Tanaka Seskiso series of knives by Tanaka features handmade custom knives that are hot forged with Damascus blades. The core blade is made from Hitachi Blue Paper Steel (HRC 60 and up). The knives come with a wood handle and buffalo horn ferrule. Each knife comes with an attractive wooden gift box. These are excellent quality knives and have superior sharpness and durability out of the box.

  • weight: 6.8oz
  • blade length: 244mm
  • total length: 392mm
  • spine thickness at base: 3.44mm
  • blade height: 54.27mm

  • Customer Reviews
    Average rating is 4.8
    By:  echerub
    Tanaka makes excellent knives - I was happy with his petty knife,and based on that experience elected to buy the 240 gyuto as well. The blade is thin,light,and capable of holding a fine edge. It is always a pleasure to use any of my Tanakas,and the 240 gyuto is no exception.
    By:  Aaron
    I’ve been looking for a blue steel knife for a little comparing,and this one fit the bill. Very light and nimble. Edge was very good out of the box,(used for a week solid at work with just stropping after the day was done) Very nice looking with the Damascus,and will take a patina rather fast,and like all carbon,some care is required. Two let downs though.

    One: The handle. Not the greatest. A little rough,but the knife makes a good candidate for a custom handle if you so wish.

    Second: On mine at least was a rough patch on the heel. Once again nothing very had to fix,but something else. Can’t really find myself not giving it a 5 though even with the small problems as the performance and beauty of the blade more than make up for the things. And the usual great service from Mark.
    By:  Tim
    I have a Kurouchi Nakiri from Tanaka and wanted to give his Sekiso series Gyuto a try. When I first got it,it was love at first sight,but I was a bit concerned. It was a touch thicker than I was expecting. I have tried some other knives in the past and had some wedging issues due to the thickness. I sliced up some onions,potatoes,mushrooms and carrots. The knife just sailed through everything with very little sticking. Upon checking out the blade a bit closer,I saw that behind the edge is very thin and it’s convex ground up the sides. Also,the layers of damascus give a slight ridge and food falls/slides off easily. The potatoes felt like they were cooked and the carrots had that soft feel to them when cutting,even though everything was raw. Mushrooms,performed as well as my Tanaka nakiri,same with the onion!! The blade was even sticking in my new Loftis Walnut Board occasionally,too,which I have never had from a knife OOTB. I would have to say this is the sharpest knife I have gotten out of the box and one of the best cutters I have used! It’s not a laser,but its now become my all around go to workhorse gyuto!! I’m looking at adding a few more blades in this series to my lineup!!
    By:  Aaron
    I got this knife for Christmas and have been using it at work for the last month. Overall I have been very impressed with the knife. Wasn’t as sharp as I would have liked out of the box so I took it to the stones,I’m still learning how to sharpen knives with Japanese water stones and I was able to get the knive razor sharp after about 10 minutes. The Blue steel is a dream to sharpen but It will rust. You can’t let this knife sit wet on your cutting board after you use it,you have to immediately wipe and dry the knife in order to avoid rusting. This isn’t a problem as long as you keep it dry/wiped clean. After I’m done with my cutwork I put this baby back in the box and grab a stainless knife to leave on my cutting board while i’m cooking on the line. This isn’t a knife that will take a lot of abuse so make sure you have a workhorse like a wusthof or henckle in addition to this knife if you are in a professional setting.
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