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Tanaka Kurouchi 210mm Gyuto
Tanaka Kurouchi 210mm Gyuto Tanaka Kurouchi 210mm Gyuto
Tanaka Kurouchi 210mm Gyuto Tanaka Kurouchi 210mm Gyuto

Tanaka Kurouchi 210mm Gyuto

Item #: TA-K210GY

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CKTG Gyuto 210mm Saya B
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Few knives combine premier cutlery steels and experienced traditional blacksmithing at extraordinarily accessible prices the way this Tanaka Kurouchi 210mm gyuto does. The core steel in this gyuto is Aogami #2 hardened to 62-63 HRC. Aogami #2 is a high quality carbon steel offering an outstanding combination of keen edge taking and durable edge holding. The Aogami #2 core is wrapped in a soft carbon steel cladding making the knife fully reactive. While patina is normal during use, care should be taken to keep these knives clean and dry between uses to prevent the formation of rust. The knife wears an attractive kurouchi finish which will inhibit oxidation. The d-shaped handle is a utilitarian design made with ho wood and a black plastic ferrule. Since these are handmade knives, they may vary dimensionally.

  • Weight: 5oz
  • Blade Length: 212mm
  • Total Length: 349mm
  • Spine Thickness at Base: 2.45mm
  • Blade Height: 49.15mm

  • Customer Reviews

    Product Reviews

    5  Great value., July 10, 2015
    Posted By: John S. Richardson

    I could not be more happy with this knife. Super Sharp super light. It is a great value for the money. I waited a whole year to do this review just so I could see how it held up

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    4  Good Knife for the value, May 25, 2015
    Posted By: Derrick Haggerty
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    For the Money the knife is awesome! I love the blade a lot and can see where some of the other knives have a higher value though. The handle leaves much to be desired at least from a appearance stand point. I was able to stain it a dark walnut which helps but still could be better. The fit and finish is not bad for the money although there are a few rough spots. Over all if your unsure of a knife at a higher price point or your buying this style for the first time this is a good option. Not my first choice but the others were out of stock and i needed something right away. Shipping was fast and Mark was helpful in suggesting knives similar to the out of stock ones. However I chose this one due to blade and price point. Good Buy!

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    5  Great knife, February 10, 2015
    Posted By: T Ladd

    This knife came super fast , ordered on Fri arrived Mon. Exactly what I was looking for in a quality hand made knife for my at home chef purposes. It is reassuring to know there are good product descriptions and testimonials on CKTG when buying here.

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    5  Great Knife, January 30, 2015
    Posted By: Richard R Patterson
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    Received this and it does look rustic but was pretty sharp out of the box . Used it to slice potatoes n carrots, and onions super thin . Still sharp but had a convex edge so decided to put a 10 degree edge on it. Used a 1000 Shapton glass ceramic, followed by a 600, then honed with a 1 micron spray on basal wood. Not only would shave the hair on my arm beleive if would shave your skin one layer at a time if you chose to . Haa It cut through a sheet of paper with little more than its own weight, and I mean all the way through in a straight line . I like carbon steel and this one is good . Even like the handle . Now before I got it I was thinking it was an ugly chef knife bit not I think its beautiful . One of the best buys I've made . Don't think anyone would be disappointed with it and the steel has a good Rc balance too. is good .

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    4  Product Review, June 28, 2014
    Posted By: Allen L - verified customer

    Out the box the knife had a decent convex grind but not sharp, took it the EP and put a 10 edge on and was slicing beautifully,I then put a secondary bevel of 15 and sliced up onions, tomatoes, butternut, potatoes carrots and beans, what can I say just like in the above video impressive.
    Overall finish very basic, but with some sand paper the rough edges were taken off and the handle is comfy for home cooking.
    The kurouchi finish could be better but for the price no complaints.

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    4  Product Review, February 14, 2014
    Posted By: sfranciss - verified customer
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    Background: I'm an avid home cook, not a professional. My other knives are Shuns, Wusthofs, Macs and a few antique carbon steel blades I rescue from tag sales.
    The Tanaka Kurouchi is my first wa-gyuto, and has the best blade I've ever used. It was fairly sharp out of the box, and after a few minutes of honing and stropping, took an incredible edge that had no problems shaving hairs off my arm. It falls through even soft tomatoes, potatoes and onions never stick, and it's excellent and slicing fish and meats. I don;t use it on bone, that's the Wusthof's job. being a carbon steel it is reactive, but as long as you maintain good habits in the kitchen it's easy to control. I have a small hand towel that I use to rest the knife on, and make it a habit to wipe the blade between ingredients. When I'm done, I wash and dry it immediately. It developed a nice patina under the kurouchi part, but never rusted. I use it daily. The only part of the knife I'm not crazy about is the handle. This is my first wa handle, and it might not be for me. I use a pinch grip, and my forefinger tends to rub against the square shoulder of the blade, since there's no bolster, and after a long session with it I can develop blister at that spot. But that's not the fault of the knife - it's extremely well made beautiful (if you like the rustic look) and blister aside, a delight to use.

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    5  Product Review, July 4, 2013
    Posted By: Chris - verified customer

    Was not sharp at all out of the box i mean at all but after a wuick session on my edge pro wicked sharp i mean takes such a sick edge im a rock cutter but i tried chopping and no problem usually have tons of issues when chopping not with this very beautiful stains very easy cut a steak let sit for 30 seconds while i plated stained but it makes it look even more rustic doesnt get on food. very good knife well balanced a universal knife for any style.

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