Arashiyama 6000 Grit  Water Stone
Arashiyama 6000 Grit  Water Stone
Arashiyama 6000 Grit  Water Stone

Arashiyama 6000 Grit Water Stone

Item #: Arashiyama 6000x
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Arashiyama 6000x also sometimes referred to as Takenoko 8000x Water Stone. Splash and go. It's a fast cutting stone that gives good feedback and can be used as your last stone for kitchen knives.
  • Size 210mm x 72mm x 25mm

  • Customer Reviews
    Average rating is 4.9
    By:  jeff c.
    los angeles,ca
    This has quickly become my favorite knife. It cuts extremely fast,leaves a reasonable polish and feels great when cutting. I highly recommend it!
    By:  Erik
    Great stone.

    This was the third installment in the set with the bester 500 an 2k.

    The stone feels soo smooth and leaves a nice shiny polish.

    I would have to agree that this stone puts on a 8k like finish.

    No soaking either,just wet it and get to work. great stone to finish on.
    By:  nico
    Like this one a lot,it’s smooth and hard.
    By:  Nicholas
    The Arashiyama takes a moderate amount of time to soak. It cuts very quickly for how high the polish is that it leaves. It tends to stick to the DMT XXC pretty badly when flattening. Great stone overall.
    By:  Sherwin,Restaurant Amuse
    This is a quality stone. Hard and durable,the best feature about the Arayashima is the fact that it’s splash and go,and cuts fast and clean for a 6000grit.

    Brought a fantastic finish and edge to my Moritaka kurouchi 270mm gyuto,Hattori HD and Konouke white #2 sujihiki with consistent and precise results.

    No need to use force with this stone,it does all the work for you in a flash (provided you have decent sharpening skills).

    It does exactly what its supposed to do,and brings the characteristics of an 8000grit stone to your knives too.

    Thank you Arayashima,and thank you Mark for bringing this great product to the site.
    By:  Jeff
    Feels smooth,hard,gives good feedback and is splash-n-go. Love it!
    By:  Aidan K
    Agree that soaking gets a better result then splash and go.

    polish and cut with soaking is much faster with minimal effort.

    splash and go you see how hard the stone actually is,not as great a polish without soaking though.

    Overall a great 6k stone,more reaching into the 8k stone area,compared to king stones
    By:  Vic Cardenas
    Salt Lake City,Utah
    Great stone! Great feedback. Great feel. Great polish. Slow wearing. Nice for splash-and-go. No complaints with this stone at all.
    By:  Federico
    This stone is fantastic. The feel and hardness are Awesome. It works up a nice mud and the finish can go from 6000 to 8000 depending on pressure and how much you work the mud. This and my Kitayama are,by far,my favorite stones.
    By:  Matthew Masail
    Great stone for woodworking too.

    I like it much better than other finishing stones I have tried.

    it gives a smooth,sharp and durable edge,the feel is "organic" compared to most ceramic stones and it cuts fast but cleanly. works great for splash and go.

    only "issue" so far is that it will stick a little if using a wide are on the back of a blade,but thatís normal for most fine stones that arenít very soft.

    someone said that is sticks to the DMT plate,I find it sticks to a Iwood plate also,but doesnít stick at all to the Atoma plates.

    Iíve sold off all my other fine stones,donít need more than this one.
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