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Suehiro Rika 5000 Grit Stone - Click to enlarge
Suehiro Rika 5000 Grit Stone
Item #Suehiro Rika 5000x WaterStone
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Suehiro Rika 5000 Grit WaterStone. This waterstone is a great value. The stone has a nice feedback and is an excellent finishing stone to be used after you set the edge with a lower grit stone. The stone works better with a quick soak of about 5- 10 minutes and measures 210 x 75 x 23mm.

Average rating is 5
By:  EJ
Great finishing stone. Well worth the money.
By:  Greg Pett
San Jose,California
I must admit that my sharpening skill is not equal to this stone. I started off with a bestor 1200 and this suhiro rica 5000. Yes,I do get good edges with this as a polishing stone. In the process I have given this stone divits and have not flattened it yet. Yes I need to flatten it but I am on a budget. This is a softer stone and it takes practice to be able to sharpen on it without cutting gouges in the stone. Learn your blade angles on harder stones. Lately,I have been much better at holding an angle. But I am fully willing to admit it is not the stones fault. It is my fault.

So,through experience I can confidently say that learning on cheaper lesser grit stones how to hold your knife and stroke it during sharpening is invaluable. Tread gently on polishing stones as they are easier to gouge. Cheers!
By:  Roger
San Francisco,CA
This is my first whetstone so I’m still learning,but these seem like a solid buy and the prices/service/shipping were top notch at chefknivestogo.com
By:  M. Conroy
I am really loving this stone. Fills the gap from 1k to 8k very nice. this stone is on the soft side and cuts very fast.
By:  Bryan
The suehiro rika 5000 grit waterstone is a great stone and cuts extremely quickly,generating a good amount of slurry (which is good!). I use this as an intermediate stone between my random 1000 grit stone of unknown brand and origin,and the kitayama 8000 grit stone and does a fantastic job of sharpening.
By:  Chris Morina
Another great stone. I use it after the Bester 1200. Im very happy with the edge I get. Also use it ever other day for touch ups.
By:  cook
Rhode Island
Great Stone! I bought it because of the positive reviews and the low price. After putting my knives on a MinoSharp 1k stone,I can finish on this stone and get an edge that will shave my arm effortlessly.

The feedback on the stone is awesome and the edge is even better. Couldn’t recomment this stone any more.
By:  Omen Eagle
Portland ME
Great stone for the money!!! It gets my 270mm Moritaka Gyuto very sharp very fast. Highly recommend this stone.
By:  Austin
This stone is great for finishing a knife before stropping.

Gives a nice mirror polish and refines the edge even more,can’t beat the bang for the buck. great quality for an incredibly low price.
By:  Evan
This is a great fine grit stone. Puts a near mirror finish on my double bevels (white #2 carbon AND vg-10 stainless). I also use it every morning to touch up microbevels. It laps easily,doesn’t dish too fast,and has great feedback. I’d call it a good balance between hardness and softness. I’ve been sharpening with whetstones for about a year now and I’ll say I would have preferred to start with this as my first fine stone rather than the 6000 grit side of the steelex style combo stone. Since this seems to be wearing none to quickly (i’ve been using it for about 6 weeks,lapping it a couple times a week),I’m happy to continue practicing with this stone for quite some time and may even re-up when the time comes. In addition,since I use a stone holder,I’m glad that this was available here without the base. The wooden base version seems to be much more common.

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Suehiro Rika 5000 Grit Stone

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