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Naniwa Super Stone 5,000 grit No Base 2cm - Click to enlarge
Naniwa Super Stone 5,000 grit No Base 2cm
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The Naniwa Super Stones are made with a resin bond, which allows for a higher level of abrasive particles compared with less expensive methods of stone bonding. The higher abrasive levels contribute to the speed of sharpening. This 5k stone is a good final grit for many knives. This stone works well after the 1000 grit and is fine enough to be a good stone prior to the 10,000 or 12,000 grit. These are splash-and-go stones, so no need for soaking prior to use. They measure 210mm x 70mm x 20mm. We are happy to be the only US distributor of Naniwa Super Stones that come in the larger 20mm thickness without bases.
Average rating is 4.8
By:  Brent
Hadley MA
Fast cutting,perfect crisp edges with that shiny but ghostly haze finish. One of my all time favorites.
By:  Wilkey
The Naniwa SS 5K stone is a soft,slow stone that is able to put on a mirror polish that belies it’s grit rating. Easy to use,moderate feel for a beginner,tends to load up quickly on some steels. Overall,a good stone to follow a 1K or 1.2K like the Bester. Follow this with a strop on felt with diamond spray and the knives are good for the week.
By:  mw
awesome stone,leaves a finish like much higher grit stones,cuts very quickly too
By:  Richard
This Naniwa super stone is a good size soft stone. The finished bevel is mirror shiny; shiner than other 5000 grit stones.

It is easy to gouge the stone especially when grinding the edge leading.
By:  Chris Miller
This stone is so smooth. The polish level of the SS series is unmatched. Leaves a nicely refined toothy edge with very almost no scratches.
By:  Timothy
After trying several 5/6k stones this is the one I like best for the 1K,6K then strop on plain leather as taught by Mury Carter.

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Naniwa Super Stone 5,000 grit No Base 2cm

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