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Shapton Sharpening Pond
Shapton Sharpening Pond
Shapton Sharpening Pond

Shapton Sharpening Pond

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The Shapton Sharpening Pond is a great piece of equipment for those who do not have a dedicated sink or do not want the hassle of cleanup after a sharpening session. Just place the stone holder directly in the pond and it will safely contain all the water used. It will catch any swarf produced, which can then be used with a microfiber towel to help polish your knives.

Customer Reviews
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By:  Mike Fairleigh
Many won’t be willing to pay for something as simple as a commercially-built pond,but this one is really nice. It’s big enough to contain a large amount of water/slurry and a couple of stone holders simultaneously,yet the sides are low enough to not interfere with sharpening,at least when using the Shapton stone holders. It also makes a nice place to store a stone holder or two,several stones,and a lapping plate.
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