Shapton Pro 8000x
Shapton Pro 8000x
Shapton Pro 8000x

Shapton Pro 8000x

Item #: Shapton Pro Melon 8000
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Shapton Professional stones have establish a benchmark in the market for hard, fast cutting synthetic stones that require no soaking and are highly wear resistant. Each iteration of stone within the Professional line does a fantastic job for the application it is designed for, from repair work to straight razor polishing. The ease of use and fantastic results provided by this series makes Shapton Pro one of the best-selling lines of stones on our site.

Providing a higher level of refinement than the 5000 grit, the Shapton Pro 8000 grit is another popular choice for finishing work on kitchen cutlery and a progression mid-point for straight razors. This level of grit can also be used in edge-trailing, stropping applications for knife maintenance. These stones measure 8.25 x 2.75 each.

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