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Shapton Pro 8000x
Shapton Pro 8000x
Shapton Pro 8000x

Shapton Pro 8000x

Item #: ShaptonProMelon8000

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Shapton Professional stones have establish a benchmark in the market for hard, fast cutting synthetic stones that require no soaking and are highly wear resistant. Each iteration of stone within the Professional line does a fantastic job for the application it is designed for, from repair work to straight razor polishing. The ease of use and fantastic results provided by this series makes Shapton Pro one of the best-selling lines of stones on our site.

Providing a higher level of refinement than the 5000 grit, the Shapton Pro 8000 grit is another popular choice for finishing work on kitchen cutlery and a progression mid-point for straight razors. This level of grit can also be used in edge-trailing, stropping applications for knife maintenance. These stones measure 8.25 x 2.75 each.
*Please note, Shapton stopped printing their name on the Pro Stones for delivery to Shapton USA at the end of 2015. All new stones have no ink printed on the stones anymore.

Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

5  Shapton Pro 8k, September 26, 2016
Posted By: Steve Hamley - verified customer

One of the best. I prefer it to the Naniwa Snow White Jyunpaku. I'm still testing it - on razors - and am not sure whether I prefer it or the Shapton Glass HC which I also bought from Mark. The HC Glass 8k polishes a little more and makes it easier to see any defects you've missed bring the razor bevel up, but other than that they're very similar.

Cheers, Steve

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5  Replaced by Japanese natural stones, July 11, 2016
Posted By: Nameless Stranger

Very fine finish, but once that you tried Japanese natural stones, it's hard to go back....

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5  Product Review, January 24, 2014
Posted By: Scott - verified customer

Quick cutting, smooth, leaves a nice finish. Works great after a 1000.

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5  Product Review, July 9, 2012
Posted By: ward c. - verified customer

Hard to beat the shapton 8000 fine polish stone. Doesnt clog or dry up and leaves a finer scratch patten than other 8000 man made stones I have. The resign base ceramic matrix of course make it feels more artififial than other non ceramic made the slurry is less natural and the feedback different..but makes fast work of polishing my japanese plans and chisels.

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5  Product Review, April 20, 2012
Posted By: Jmbullman - verified customer

I have the complete line and unless ur going for the uber shine 8k stone is my stopping place. This thing polishes and puts the final cut on the edge that makes it perfect couldt live or sharpen without it. Espically cpm154

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