Shapton Pro 15000x
Shapton Pro 15000x
Shapton Pro 15000x

Shapton Pro 15000x

Item #: Shapton Pro Yellow 15000
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Shapton developed their incredibly popular Professional series of sharpening stones with speed, ease of use and durability in mind. The stones cut and polish incredibly quickly, require no soaking or immersion and provide good feedback during edge development. This series comes with a very handy storage box that doubles as a stone holder for use when a full sharpening set-up is not on hand.

The Shapton Pro 15K grit stone will provide a highly refined, mirror finish to most edges. This stone will be most appropriate for use on razors or for very, very light finishing applications on certain kitchen steels. These stones measure 8.25 x 2.75 each.
Customer Reviews
Average rating is 5
By:  Light Adrenaline
Southeast US
Very nice stone. It’s about half as thick as my Chosera stones,but very nice nonetheless. The stone is nice and hard and pulls metal instantly. The splash-and-go non-soaking quality is great. This 15K might not be as legendary as the Chosera 10K,but its a fraction of the price and a great finishing block for sure. I have a combo of Chosera and and Sharpton Pros. 400,800,1000,3000,5000 are Chosera and the 220,8000 and 15000 are Sharpton. I’d highly recommend either brand,but do prefer the "feel" of the Chosera. If you are looking north of 5K then these Pros are your best bet!

Note: Although I do used these on kitchen blades,I used them primarily to reprofile and recondition my outdoor scandi and convex ground knives.
By:  Henry
All in all an excellent stone. Once lapped,it does not dish quickly,cuts very fast and leaves an excellent edge.
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