Shapton GlassStone 8000 Grit
Shapton GlassStone 8000 Grit
Shapton GlassStone 8000 Grit

Shapton GlassStone 8000 Grit

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A well done 8k edge is an outstanding edge. Straight razor users consider the 8k edge the coarsest edge that will shave comfortably. This Shapton Glass 8k water stone would be a great choice whether the razorís edge you are putting on is going on a straight razor, a kitchen knife, or a shop tool. Shapton Glass stones are noted for their high hardness which lends itself to more precise edges, slower dishing, and longer stone life. The Shapton Glass stones also have great reputations for cutting very quickly and being extremely easy to use since they only need a splash of water to get to work, no soaking required. The stone is affixed to a glass plate, the stone measures 210mm x 70mm x 10mm with the glass, and 5mm measuring only the stone.

Customer Reviews
Average rating is 4.3
By:  Socrates7
Compact and affordable,but not my favorite stone in this grit range. Great to add to a travel kit and will touch up your edge very nicely. So-so as a polishing stone,but will not create mirror bright.
By:  EJ
Excellent stone. Still cuts well and leaves a very nice finish.
By:  jmbullman
huntersville n.c.
Great stone if you want to make this your final polish.
By:  charles
bakersfield ca
i recieved the grey version,it leaves a less than mirrored finish.still great for a keen edge maker.
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