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Ozuku Japanese Natural Stone - Click to enlarge
Ozuku Japanese Natural Stone
Item #Ozuku 8X3
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The Ozuku has a very fine grain and is very hard. This stone is an excellent finishing stone and works quite well with razors and high end kitchen knives. Mr. Imanishi was willing to sell this stone to us recently. He grades these stones high quality with an approximate grit range of between 15-20K. There are 2 stamps on the top of each stone that are easily legible. Measures approximately 75.5mm Wide by 200mm Long and 34.5mm Thick. The image below shows a knife after sharpening with one of our Ozuku stones.


Average rating is 4.8
By:  Cliff
I’ve only used this for finishing my straight razors so far,this stone puts a very comfortable edge on them. Would not hesitate to purchase again
By:  Matt
This stone puts a very nice finish to my razors. It is very hard and heavy. Great stone.
By:  Timothy
I was perfectly happy with the results from the terrific line of Chosera stones. Just to see what all the hype was about I ordered this Ozuku stone. I flattened the stone when it first came in and then sharpened a few knives to condition the surface. That’s when I noticed this is a different way of life. Just a small amount of water and your sharpening,maybe a few drops more while your sharpening. No loading after break-in and conditioning!!! Instead of standing at the sink,sharping knives on synthetic stones (need the water and drain),I’m sitting at the table with this stone balanced on a pair of bar mops and a teaspoon of water. The feel of this stone is similar to the feel of the Chosera 5K. The smell is wet slate. The mud is slow to form. The stone gives a nice sharp edge (I have no idea of the grit of this stone and I don’t care. It just works). I’m not skilled enough to give an opinion stating this Ozuku is or is not better at finishing than a Chosera finishing stones,but it is definitely different. Thank you Mark and Sue for spending the time answering my questions.
By:  Steve Rollins
Impressive and weighty stone,Iíve been on the road so much that Iíve been unable to hone any razors yet but will leave feedback again when I do.

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Ozuku Japanese Natural Stone

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