Naniwa Super Stone 3,000 No Base
Naniwa Super Stone 3,000 No Base
Naniwa Super Stone 3,000 No Base

Naniwa Super Stone 3,000 No Base

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The Naniwa 3,000 Super Stone makes for a great final stoneóa perfect step up from the 1,000 grit stone. It is also fine enough to be used prior to using a ultra fine 8,000 or 10,000 grit polishing stone.

Whether you are just learning how to sharpen your kitchen knife or you are already experienced in the art, you will find these stones easy to work with as well as offering fantastic and consistent results.

For those seeking a silkier edge for their Western style knives, the Naniwa Super Stone 3,000 makes the perfect finishing stone. If you are sharpening Japanese knives, this stone will reduce your sharpening time when you move on to finer grit stones. This stone loads up very quickly and produces ultra smooth results.

If you are considering purchasing a set of Japanese waterstones, we highly recommend the Naniwa Super Stones as a great place to start your sharpening odyssey. 

Do not forget that these are true splash-and-go type stones and must not be soaked under any circumstances. Just apply a slight sprinkle of water and you are ready to create that super edge youíve been dreaming about!
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