Naniwa Sink Bridge
Naniwa Sink Bridge
Naniwa Sink Bridge

Naniwa Sink Bridge

Item #: IZ-1111
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The Naniwa Sink Bridge is an excellent accessory for use with the whole Super Stone or Chosera line. It is completely adjustable for almost any stone or sink size. It is easy and quick to set up and creates a sturdy base when pressure is applied during sharpening. It will hold stones with bases up to 9 7/8 in length and 3 7/8 wide. Fits sinks from 15 3/4 to 21 5/8 wide.
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Average rating is 4.3
By:  EJ
Seattle WA
I received the Naniwa sink bridge in good condition and started using it today. It worked beautifully,and was very stable.
By:  Victor
Possibly the best knife accessory for small kitchens. Makes cleanup almost effortless!

One star taken off for finish,but dont let this put you off.
By:  Pat Barnes
Perfect accessory for using water stones. I have a plastic laundry sink in a cabinet on my patio and this takes the mess out of water stone sharpening.
By:  Sam
Perhaps the sinks in the places I live in are small,but I found this to be a bit too long to fit comfortably in my sink. Perhaps I should have measured...Otherwise a great product
By:  majenness
Works as advertised.
By:  Doug S.
What a difference! Working on the stones over the water in the sink

makes the sharpening a pleasant time instead of a messy chore. I started

with a 2X4 over the sink. The Naniwa is stable,compact and holds the

stones making it easier to obtain the edge I want. The bridge seems to

be made to accommodate rather large sinks. No problem,I reduced the

length by a couple of inches.

Love it.
By:  Steven
Grand Junction Co.
I really like this device. It makes clean up so easy,and it also makes it very easy to keep your stone wet. It just required some modification to fit my sink.
By:  Brad
The Naniwa sink bridge makes clean-up a snap! This is one of the best gadgets around if you love to sharpen freehand,but hate the mess and clean-up! Nice sturdy construction will assure years of use. I wish I had gotten one of these babies years ago!
By:  Jerry
This is a very good basic sink bridge. It is reliably constructed and offers very good support,even under firm pressure. It has a good range of adjustability,but it won’t secure some smaller stones like the King combo stone and I’m not confident in how it would secure irregular natural stones. I wish the lower securing slider were able to move up about an inch further and the part that contacted the stone were wider.

Also,the securing knobs are all underneath so whenever you switch between stones you will need to reach under there and loosen/tighten stuff.

The Tojiro addresses both of these concerns,but it is twice the money.
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