Naniwa Super Stone 10,000 No Base
Naniwa Super Stone 10,000 No Base
Naniwa Super Stone 10,000 No Base

Naniwa Super Stone 10,000 No Base

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The Naniwa Super 10,000 grit stone is renowned as one of the best polishing stones around. It leaves an amazing mirror-like finish on the blade of high end Japanese knives or blades. This allows for ultra silky cutting and slicing.

These stones are made using a resin bond method, which yields a higher quality stone than the old baked method used with cheaper stones. It offers almost all of the performance of the much more expensive and fragile magnesia-based stones but at a fraction of the cost. Also, a great benefit of this method is that the stones do not require soaking in water prior to use (in fact, they should never be soaked). A quick spray or splash of water is all that is needed and you're ready to go. 

This stone is extremely fine, just slightly more so than the 8,000. Your personal preferences and knife types will be the deciding factor as to which is better suited to your needs. 

This Naniwa Super 10,000 stone loads up quickly and is used to give a knife a final polished edge. It makes a perfect finishing stone for the best Japanese stainless or carbon steel knives or for a high quality European knife where you want a super fine, smooth mirror-like edge.
Customer Reviews
Average rating is 4.7
By:  Mark Parsons
Love-Love-Love this stone. This makes the difference between a sharp and a VERY Sharp knife. This is a must have in your stone arsinal.
By:  Singleshot
Naniwa 10,000 grit water stone is high quality. Not as hard as Chosera,but a very good quality stone and excellent customer service from CNTG.
By:  Jie
Nice fine texture,"must have " item for knife sharp fans.
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