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Moritaka Supreme 165mm Petty - Click to enlarge
Moritaka Supreme 165mm Petty
Item #KP-165
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Moritaka Supreme series, made with Aogami Super steel, is one of the best performing knives on the market today. Aogami Super steel, having more carbon content than Blue #2 and Blue #1, is hardened all the way up to 64-65 Rockwell, will take an extremely steep edge and can hold it a very long time. The blade profile is nice and flat, giving you more board contact at any given point on the blade. The geometry of the edge allows the knife to easily fly through tough ingredients without wedging. While the knife performs like a laser, it has enough toughness to handle many jobs that thinner knives can not. This is a tried and true workhorse, endorsed by the industry professionals themselves. These knives come with a 50/50 edge grind and an upgraded yew octagonal handle so this knife is equally good for left handed and right handed users.

  • weight: 2.8oz
  • blade length: 169mm
  • total length: 305mm
  • spine thickness at base: 2.8mm
  • blade height: 32.76mm
  • Average rating is 3.8
    By:  Ethiel
    Outstanding Knife. Very well made and elegant. It is very sharp and very solid and light. A must buy for every household.
    By:  Ethiel
    Excellent knife! Well made and light. It is extremely sharp.
    By:  Rick Manges
    When I ordered I was a bit apprehensive about the kurouchi finish. But when I opened the box it was beautifully rustic. It was screaming sharp ootb. It feels great in my large hands. It has just enough height that I can use it on the board with a pinch grip. I put a 12 degree bevel on it and it chops and slices with no wedging or and minimal sticking. After a couple of weeks on onions,tomatoes and some proteins the exposed edge is developing an attractive blue patina. This is a great utility knife that fits nicely between your small petty and gyuto.

    Highly recommended.
    By:  B Cheung
    This is a wonderful knife and it is my third Moritaka. This Supreme 165mm Petty has an excellent balance,the thickness if its spine support the knife very well. And of course,it is super sharp. My first Moritaka came with a beautiful rosewood handle,if they are continuing the use of the same kind of wood on their handles,that would be a 5 stars knife easily.

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    Moritaka Supreme 165mm Petty

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