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Moritaka Gyuto 270mm
Moritaka Gyuto 270mm Moritaka Gyuto 270mmMoritaka Gyuto 270mm
Moritaka Gyuto 270mm Moritaka Gyuto 270mmMoritaka Gyuto 270mm

Moritaka Gyuto 270mm

Item #: Moritaka Gyuto 270
Our Price: $245.00(You Save: $29.00)
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The only US distributor of Moritaka knives, CKTG is thrilled to offer these brilliantly crafted Aogami Super knives to our customers. Moritaka Hamono has been forging blades since the 13th century and the knowledge passed down through consecutive generations of smiths is applied to great effect in this 270mm gyuto. Aogami Super is tremendous steel that can be taken to very high levels of hardness. Moritaka has taken the steel to 64-65 HRC which is an excellent treatment for this steel. Retention is top-notch and the edges are not too crisp by any means. The refinement these knives are capable of is very, very high. The Kurouchi finish on these blades adds a rustic aesthetic which enhances the traditional character of this gyuto. Performance is excellent and the symmetric convex grind, which gets nice and thin behind the edge, does a great job separating even very hard/dense produce. The flatter edge profile makes this knife ideal for push and pull cutting. While not inexpensive, we believe the level of performance, quality of steel and tradition offered up by Moritaka knives make them a tremendous value.

  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Blade Length: 272 mm
  • Overall Length: 431 mm
  • Thickness at Heel: 4.0 mm
  • Blade Height: 54.5 mm

  • Customer Reviews
    Average rating is 4.9
    By:  Dillard
    Vero Beach,FL
    I purchased this Gyuto recently and couldn’t be happier! The kuro-uchi finish is nice and even but still rough enough that food does not stick. The Aogami Super blade takes an excellent edge and keeps it through hours of use. The blade has an excellent geometry and very flat blade profile which I prefer.

    The customer service was second to none also. My order was processed right away and arrived 3 days later.
    By:  Evangelos
    Beautiful,sharp,and great steel quality. Highly recommended.
    By:  Omen Eagle
    Portland ME
    Love this knife,I use it every day and take it to bed with me every night! Worth every penny!!
    By:  Sherms
    This knife is beautifully crafted and very hefty. I bought for two reasons- I was looking for an extremely trusty workhorse knife,and because the Kurouchi look just captivated me. (They say when you buy a knife,you’re taking a piece of the craftsman’s soul with you. If you don’t feel it,it’s not the knife for you)

    It’s great for cutting large cuts of meat and for chopping stuff to a powder. You’ll find that the tip will remain incredibly sharp.

    But I gave it 4 stars for the following reasons-

    Working in Rockpool Bar and Grill (one of Australia’s best restaurants) where presentation is crucial,this knife imparts stains on the foods that are (sadly) crucial to the restaurant.

    These two food just happen to be lemons and spanish onions...Carbon steel’s worst enemies lol.

    The finish on my knife began to get eaten through as the acids began to take it off. Cut 2mm slices of 40 spanish onions a day and wait for about 30mins and you will notice that the onions turn navy blue/black. The same thing happens for lemons.

    Sharpening wise,I put my own bevels- 13degree secondary bevels.

    This knife already comes with an extremely large bevel (you WILL see it) and it is advised that you first learn to sharpen knives with such high shinogi lines before you custom sharpen.

    One thing I did learn was that this knife does not need microbeveling. It made my herb chopping and chiffonades go to sh** when I added microbevels and all my herbs ended up bruised instead of CUT cleanly.

    Using a 1000grit stone took about 45mins of dedicated trial and error to get a proper edge back. I then finished it with a 4000grit JCK stone and a 5000 shapton which brought out a beautiful ’honyaki’ wave-like polish which was pretty much an indication that I had hit that right sharpness.

    A quick test on my arm hair and a couple of knicks on my fingers proved me right.

    All in all,know what you are looking for before investing in a knife like this :)
    By:  Mike H
    An absolutely wonderful knife. The flat blade profile and "gentle roughness" finish makes this my everyday go-to knife in my kitchen.
    By:  Erik
    Los Angeles,CA
    this knife is truly amazing. Both in workmanship and utility. I like this size and it’s ridiculously sharp. I had the Deba by Moritaka and had to order this... this one I like even more! It’s extremely wieldy despite being a large chefs knife..
    By:  mario perez
    pebble beach ca.
    amazing knife!razor sharp.so light for such a big knife.cutting meat,dicing veg,fileting fish.knife does it all.also own Moritaka deba.
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