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Moritaka Santoku 170mm - Click to enlarge
Moritaka Santoku 170mm
Item #KS-170 Blue
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This Moritaka Supreme Series Santoku measures 170mm on the blade. Their knives are made with Aogami Super Steel and come with a Kurouchi finish and an octagonal yew (ichi) handle which adds great aesthetic appeal. We are one of the only US distributors of these impressive knives.

Average rating is 4.2
By:  Iguana Don
This knife is a very light weight knife. I think that even MAC knives seem to feel heftier. It’s wicked sharp though and the images online don’t do the knife justice. Well worth the money if you want a feather with a razor’s edge.

By:  Cameron Gunn
This is a great deal on a hand made aogami super knife. The coating on mine was a bit sloppy,but aogami super is very appropriately named. I work in a sushi bar 5-6 days a week and was starting to get a bit of soreness/stiffness in the top knuckle of the thumb of my knife hand. I was using a fancy,heavy,modern damascus santoku for my veggie and roll cutting duties and after switching to the Moritaka my thumb is thanking me. This think is astoundingly light! It’s also scary sharp,and like all straight carbon steel it’s (in my opinion) easier to sharpen than soligen,molybdenum,or VG10 steel. The handle is great too. Similar to Shuns D shaped,but with a more pronounced "bump". A feather weight lightsaber.
By:  AC
Charlotte NC
This is an excellent deal on a fantastic knife. The kurouchi finish is rough,but delightfully so,if its your taste. The rosewood handle is attractive,lightweight and still well balanced. The blade itself is razor sharp out of the box,and should stay so,as is the nature of Aogami Super steel. I have yet to sharpen,however each knife comes with one free sharpening through moritaka,or should sharpen up easily on your own stones. Overall,this knife is a workhorse with lots of character and a purchase that will not be regretted.
By:  stevieo
this is by far the nicest santoku i have seen but i am partial to agomi super steel. i like the fact that a stainless tang was forged to the blade to prevent rusting up in the handle. the kurouchi finish does not bother me in the least. the right handed handle has a slight ridge in the D. very nice overall.
By:  eric
received this knife about 2 weeks ago and really love it,the edge has stayed sharp with lots of use in a professional kitchen. Amazingly light weight and comfortable my first Aogami Super Steel knife. Only complaint is that the appearance of the knife(Kurouchi finish) comes off after wiping it off and cleaning consistently.

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Moritaka Santoku 170mm

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