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Moritaka AS Petty 150mm
Moritaka AS Petty 150mm
Moritaka AS Petty 150mm

Moritaka AS Petty 150mm

Item #: KP-150 Blue
Our Price: $130.00(You Save: $16.00)
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This Moritaka Supreme Series Petty made with Aogami Super steel measures 150mm on the blade. This knife is made with Aogami Super Steel and come with a Kurouchi finish which adds great aesthetic appeal along with an attractive yew octagonal handle. We at Chefknivestogo highly recommend these knives and are proud to offer them. We are one of the only US distributors of these impressive knives. Blades are ground with a 50/50 edge so they are perfect for right and left handed users alike.

  • weight: 2.6oz
  • blade length: 153mm
  • total length: 272mm
  • spine thickness at base: 3.2mm
  • blade height: 30.17mm

    Five generations ago, master bladesmith Chuzaemon Moritaka decided to change the business direction and apply our forging experiences into cutleries other than swords. Since then we have been dedicatedly producing a large variety of kitchen cutleries and edged tools for gardening, agriculture and forestry. Currently the production of Katana swords is also continued for the purpose of succession and the preservation of our traditions. Moritaka Cutlery has a history over 700 years. The knife that you purchase is forged with skills and knowledge developed and accumulated generation by generation.

  • Customer Reviews
    Average rating is 5
    By:  Robert
    Pound Ridge,NY
    Moritaka 150mm petty.

    I am always pleasantly surprised when I open a knife box and find a knife that exceeds my expectations. For me that means that the craftsmanship surpasses the price and the knife is just what I wanted and a little more in this case. Rosewood handle with black ferrule,probably pakkawood,very subtle d shaped handle,perfectly fitted to this cool little blade. I like to see the subtle lines where different metals are joined,tang to blade and layer to layer,the distal taper of a handmade knife. Sharpening is easy and the way the blue steel edge gets a mirror shine and keeps it,is really why I buy these things.The copy says you can send it back and they will sharpen it for you so if you dont like meditating at the sink thats an option. As a petty knife the blade is perfect for me. The tip is sharpened for things like superfine dicing of garlic and the blade can rock but also chop flat. Perfect solution for the in between paring,and gyuto zone,although in a pinch it can work as either.Great all purpose knife in the 150mm range. R
    By:  Doug Morton
    Moreno Valley,CA
    If you are looking for a great buy in a very high quality utility knife - this is it. Very sharp out of the box. Surprisingly light and well balanced. Outstanding buy for the money.
    By:  David A. Leon
    Canoga Park,California
    I purchased this knife along with Takeda Banno Funayki in an an effort to answer the question: "How well do super traditional Japanese blades compete with ultra-modern knives?"

    The answer so-far is "incredibly well". Prior to this knife,the highest performance utility knife I ever used was a Misono UX-10 150mm. Now,I still consider that Misono one the highest performance blades I’ve ever used,and I still reach for it,but this little Kurouchi blade is easily it’s equal.

    So far,I have not really re-sharpened it. I have only stropped it on balsa wood. So far that is more than enough.

    This little beast slices the heads off hard garlic cloves with the greatest of easy,slays bell peppers like it was made for the task,and cuts tomatoes to bits,even when they have a tough skin and mushy insides. This is a super utility knife.

    With that said,I am looking forward to the day when I do a full re-sharpening of this knife. The edge is not mirror polished,and suspect that means I can improve it somewhat. It may actually become better than the Misono on that day. Until that moment,I would say they are both equally effect knives.
    By:  Kulin
    As always,I am very pleased with the product and the service.

    I use a Moritaka 210mm Gyuto for prepping and this petty is great to switch over when I’m on the line. It catches the eye and works well.

    Thank you,thank you.
    By:  Joe
    Have had this knife just one week and I absolutely love it! Very sharp edge right out of the box and an extremely fast delivery,ordered Monday morning and received it on Wednesday!
    By:  Bear Hendricks
    I have been putting this review off for awhile now thinking the new would wear off and I could give a more accurate review of this knife. The knife came lickety split and fairly sharp OTOTB.After acouple of three weeks I put the stones to it and now this knife is truly amazing. Now that the veggies from the garden are ripening I use this knife everyday and often. For a knife that was just going to be another knife has become my favorite. Love the steel and the handle. Fairly easy to sharpen an holds that edge. And yes you get to wipe it,and wash it right after using it or you get that sweet "It’s not rust it’s Patina! Moritaka AS steel is amazin!

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