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Masakage Yuki Gyuto 270mm - Click to enlarge
Masakage Yuki Gyuto 270mm
Item #yuki gyuto 270mm
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Masakage yuki gyuto 270mm. Masakage Yuki knives are Shirogami #2 (White #2) carbon steel clad with stainless steel. The knives are hardened to HRC 62:63. They come with an Oval handle of Magnolia wood and red pakka wood. Cladding a knife with stainless steel on the outside gives you the benefit of easy care while the exposed core carbon steel cutting edge gives you great performance.
  • weight: 7.4oz
  • blade length: 274mm
  • total length: 428mm
  • spine thickness at base: 3.49mm
  • blade depth at base: 55.85mm

  • Average rating is 4
    By:  Derek Thompson
    This knife deserves 5 stars,it’s a beauty and the OOTB is good. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars is that I didn’t feel the handle had a very good finish. Fit was fun and the pakka wood is great. The magnolia on the other hand could use to be sanded at the very least,it has a bit of a rough feel. I plan to use some high grit to smooth it a bit however I probably will not seal it because it doesn’t feel as if they had and it will feel great once finish sanded.

    The white 2 already has a great starting patina after just one use which I prepped an onion,2 bell peppers and some garlic. So it is fairly reactive,as to be expected,so make sure you don’t leave water on it.

    The knife is fantastic and it works every bit as good as Shaun show’s it performing OOTB. I have yet to sharpen it or put it through a large amount of use so I can’t comment on that. Based on the steel and the HRC I know it will hold an edge for a good amount of time as well as be able to get wicked sharp.

    The blade depth is great,tons of clearance. It’s real thin behind the edge,slightly thicker than my AS Laser. I love the tradition of including the coin attached as to show no ill will,down the road I will purchase another knife from another of Masakage’s lines for a different steel type.

    Had the Magnolia portion of the handle came better finished I would have given it 5 stars,the 4 stars has nothing to do with the performance of this beautiful knife.

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    Masakage Yuki Gyuto 270mm

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