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Masakage Shimo Nakiri 165mm
Masakage Shimo Nakiri 165mm
Masakage Shimo Nakiri 165mm

Masakage Shimo Nakiri 165mm

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The Shimo line from Masakage offers a unique suminagashi patterned steel made by Kurosaki san. This series is named Shimo (frost) because the blade looks like frost on a window. The steel used is Shirogami #2 (white #2) and the blades are hardened to Rockwell Hardness 61:63. These knives come with octagonal handles of Magnolia wood with black pakka wood ferrules.

  • Weight: 5.0 ounces
  • Blade Length: 165 mm
  • Overall Length: 320 mm
  • Thickness at Heel: 3.3 mm
  • Blade Height: 59.3 mm

  • Customer Reviews
    Average rating is 4.8
    By:  teo
    san anselmo,ca
    I received my nakiri today and i have to say that I am very impressed with it. It was very sharp out of the box and glided through all my ingredients with very little effort. It is paper thin behind the edge,light as a feather with the best finish sharpening job I have seen so far. I would say that in terms of sharpness and how light it feels,it is on the same realm with takeda; I own a takeda gyuto 240. With the design and the feel and the steel used(W2),even though my favorite is Aogami super,I would consider this a masterpiece of a blade worth every penny.
    By:  Teo
    Just reporting back on my Nakiri after almost a year using it. By far the best Nakiri I have ever owned. It is a true laser in every aspect of what that word truly means. It drops through every ingredient with ease. There is absolutely no wedging on any ingredient no matter how dense. That is what I call a true laser. In my humble opinion,it is slightly better than the takeda knives in terms of food penetration; And this coming from a true takeda fan with 2 of his knives in my arsenal. Anyone eyeing the masakage line should get their feet wet with the shimo line. I guarantee,you would not be disappointed.
    By:  Roy
    London England
    Very beautiful patterning,extremely thin behind edge hence effortless cutting. Achieves razor edge,but does not hold it as long as blue steels. However,I use full shinogi depth as bevel on l/h side (a sort of flat back)and about 30 degree microbevel on open side. Edge lasts 4 or 5 times longer. Readily restored to razor sharpness with a couple of light strokes from a polished steel. I now do this on all kitchen knives.
    By:  Joe
    Kansas City
    There was no surprise with this knife. It is very sharp,well-finished,ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing,and very light weight. The finish releases food,including potatoes,very well. This is now my go-to knife and hard to imagine a better one.

    Lastly,I selected this nakiri among all others for the depth of the blade (59mm),and the curve of the blade nearest the handle. The depth and the thinness of the front edge make this a good tool for picking up chopped food to move from cutting board to skillet or pot.
    By:  Tony
    Bought this knife based on the recommendations in the forum. As usual,the knife was delivered very promptly - Thanks Mark!!

    OOTB sharpness was good,though not fantastic - certainly sharp enough to use effectively and efficiently. Three weeks later and the edge is still there,mostly. Very impressive.

    F&F is great and the aesthetics are better than the picture shows.

    Highly recommended!!!
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