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MAC Professional Mighty Chef's Knife 9 1/2
MAC Professional Mighty Chef's Knife 9 1/2 MAC Professional Mighty Chef's Knife 9 1/2MAC Professional Mighty Chef's Knife 9 1/2
MAC Professional Mighty Chef's Knife 9 1/2 MAC Professional Mighty Chef's Knife 9 1/2MAC Professional Mighty Chef's Knife 9 1/2

MAC Professional Mighty Chef's Knife 9 1/2"

Item #: MBK-95
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This is the choice of the home cook and professional seeking just a bit more reach than an 8" knife can provide. The blade profile is reminiscent of the great Sabatier chefs knives of old, and with it's great rocking point, and long flat on the edge, it will prove to be a real performer in the kitchen as well. At 9.5" on the edge, 2.5mm thick on the spine, and great taper to under 1mm within an inch of the tip, the proportions are all right. Using their proprietary chrome-moly vanadium steel, this blade is able to take a keen edge, and remains tough on hard impacts. MAC warrants this knife against defects in materials and workmanship for 25 years. This knife is not dishwasher safe.

  • 9.5 inches on edge
  • Height at heel: 2"
  • Thickness at heel/spine: 2.5mm
  • Thickness near tip:1mm
  • Not dishwasher safe

  • Customer Reviews
    Average rating is 4.9
    By:  Kel @ KnifeForums
    This gyuto was my entrance into Japanese knives and I still use it almost every day.

    I think of it as a great compromise between the German classics and the Japanese blades. The blade profile is somewhere between the shallowness of the gyuto and the stout rock ability of the Germans. It is slightly lighter than something like a Henckels but retains some of the heft that German knife users might have come to like. Its western handle is very comfortable but it eliminates the heavy bolster found on older German knives.

    I would wholeheartedly recommend this knife as a smooth transition from "house knives" or Germans into the world of Japanese cutlery. Youíll continue using it even after youíve become obsessed and have started to buy custom Japanese show-off pieces.
    By:  Michael @ KF
    This is the best mass produced knife I own - my first foray into Japanese knives,and still one of the favorites in my ever growing collection.

    The Blade is super thin and good geometry with a bit of curve(good to rock) and flex(not crazy flex,but coupled with its lightweight,enough to make it real nimble)... The steel is not the hardest out there,but it will hold an edge for awhile... the mac pro sharpens better and easier than any knife in my collection.

    Meanwhile,the handle and overall fit and finish are great. This knife does real work in the hand and feels really good doing it.

    At this price point,I would buy this knife with no hesitation.
    By:  Aaron
    This is a really well designed knife,fits well in your hand,and is razor sharp. Slicing has never been easier. I hated using dull chef’s knives to cut up vegetables,so I spent some money on a nice knife and this was totally worth it.
    By:  Huy
    Believe the Hype! It is THAT good! I canít imagine a better workhorse.
    By:  Brenda Morrison
    Quick,fast delivery. I bought it as a gift for someone.
    By:  Chuck
    La Jolla,Ca
    Awesome knife,feels well balanced in my hand (not nearly as heavy as a wusthof or german style knife). After performing a variety of kitchen tasks ranging from choping onions to breaking down a chicken,I was really happy with how well the knife cut!
    By:  Matthew Curtis
    Great product,fast shipping,amazing service!!! This is the second purchase I have made from chefknivestogo.com and there will me more in the future!!
    By:  Dan
    This has become my main go-to knife in the kitchen. Coming from a forged German chef’s knife,the MAC is far more nimble and versatile. It’s a perfect meld of Western and Japanese design. The bolsterless blade produces a much more comfortable pinch grip. Also,since there’s no bolster to push your fingers back,the 9.5" is MUCH easier to control for fine work than even an 8" German blade. The length is a nice compromise for folks who find a 10" too long. It’s not a short knife by any stretch,but it’s a sensibly sized blade. Out of the box,it’s shaving sharp with a beautifully finished blade. An occasional touch-up on the MAC ceramic honing rod keeps it that way,even with hard professional use.
    By:  Jameel
    Mt Laurel,NJ
    This is an excellent knife. Very sharp out the box. The handle is very comfortable. The only quip I have is that the wood around the underbelly of the handle seemed to raise up a little so as not to be seamless after the first or second time I hand washed the knife (the knife was never submerged in water,only run underneath the tap for rinsing). Handle aside,I love the knife and it’s length. The length took some getting used to,but it’s wonderful once you make room for it.
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