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Konosuke HD2 Gyuto Ho 240mm
Konosuke HD2 Gyuto Ho 240mm Konosuke HD2 Gyuto Ho 240mmKonosuke HD2 Gyuto Ho 240mm
Konosuke HD2 Gyuto Ho 240mm Konosuke HD2 Gyuto Ho 240mmKonosuke HD2 Gyuto Ho 240mm

Konosuke HD2 Gyuto Ho 240mm

Item #: Konosuke-HD-Wa-Gyuto-Ho-240mm

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Our Price: $287.00
Availability: Usually ships the same business day
CKTG Gyuto 240mm Saya A
Usually ships the same business day
Limit 1 knife per customer! Please note we have some really nice blond ferrules on this order. If you want one please make a request in the "Comments" box and we'll try and accommodate you if we have one. Our number 1 question that is emailed is when will this knife be back in stock. We get over a hundred a year in groups of about 20 per shipment but we never know for sure when they will ship to us. Please enter your email address in the box on this page and we'll notify you when it is available for purchase. And don't wait! They usually sell out within 24 hours of the announcement.

The Konosuke HD2 Gyuto Ho 240mm is the best selling Gyuto in the CKTG store. Why? Well everything about this fine instrument screams quality of design and execution. Starting with the ultra light weight of just 136g. Add to this, the unbelievably thin grind and screaming out of the box edge. This knife easily earns the title of laser while defining the saying ďa knife through butterĒ.

The Konosuke HD Gyuto simply falls through food with an ease that very few blades can achieve and one that almost defies description. The light weight and slightly shorter blade (than other 240ís) give this knife a very different feel which might at first surprise users of more conventional designs. It is slightly blade forward but so light that this feels different to other blade heavy designs. In fact blade heavy is a misnomer when describing this wonderful tool. The subtly convex blade is a thing of simple beauty. Slice into a soft tomato or other produce and be prepared to be amazed. An iconic blade that is super thin, offering outstanding performance and ease of maintenance. This is a knife you simply must try. It is available with an optional matching saya.

  • Height above heel= 48.3mm
  • Spine thickness at heel= 2.3mm
  • Spine at middle of blade= 1.75mm
  • Spine 1cm from tip= .65mm
  • Blade length heel to tip= 235.9mm
  • Weight= 4.8 Ounces or 136g
  • Handle: Ho Wood Octagonal
  • Ferrule: Buffalo Horn
  • Edge: 50/50
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    Product Reviews

    5  Incredible knife, October 20, 2016
    Posted By: Doug - verified customer

    There is good reason for this knife to be in such demand!

    Out of the box sharpness was very good. Immediately noticed how thin the blade was from the spine all the way to the edge, starting at the heel. The main bevel didn't have far to go, but still has a very nice taper on it. Even without holding my go-to 8" Japanese gyuto to compete against, I could tell this one was lighter at a longer length. Fit and finish is superb. The handle has no imperfections, and the ferrule secures everything extremely tight.

    This knife has not turned into my all purpose knife though. Partly due to my current cutting board size (I mainly cook at home,) and partly due to my concern about my technique still having minor flaws. When it does come out to destroy some tomatoes, onions, etc it is a true pleasure to work with gliding through everything like it is not even there.

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    5  Awesome, October 19, 2016
    Posted By: Ryan - verified customer

    Konosuke hd2 is just a phenomenal knife any serious professional or home cook should experience the pleasure of using one. If you are lucky enough to find one in stock get it and don't hesitate! I use mine everyday in a professional kitchen and find myself looking for reasons to cut stuff up with it.

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    5  Amazing Knife , October 16, 2016
    Posted By: Arthur - verified customer

    I'm blown away at how nice this knife looks, feels and cuts. Couldn't be happier with it. Worth the wait.

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    4  First impressions, August 29, 2016
    Posted By: Bo - verified customer

    Supermodel of knives. OOTB edge was not very good so went to the stones and put a scary sharp edge on it. Feels good on the stones but the weight (or the lack thereof) made it a bit tricky to hold the angle but i figured it out. Wish it was a tad taller

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    5  Product Review, July 12, 2016
    Posted By: Jason

    From my short time dabbling with japanese knives, this knife has had an almost legendary status. It took me a long time to get my hands on one of these. The edge was sharp out of the box and didn't need too much touching up. The profile is good for rocking and push chopping. It's not as pretty as its fujiyama brother in my opinion but pretty effective laser to have out on your knife block. It's made to be used and enjoyed. It's not as reactive as the white or blue steel but it does seem to have some reactivity. Worth getting one if you're lucky enough to see one in stock!

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    5  A true laser!, July 11, 2016
    Posted By: Dave

    This knife really lives up to all of the comments below! It's an amazing cutter. Very light and nimble. The tip is almost paper thin. Mincing garlic and shallots? Couldn't be easier. F&F is perfect. A nice distal taper. Sharpening is easy. Reactivity is low. I wish it wasn't undersized personally as I often feel like it's an over-sized 210 than an undersized 240, but I still love it all the same. It just falls through soft product.

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    5  This is a real laser!, July 6, 2016
    Posted By: Ray Masters

    My comments are for the Kiritsuke tipped gyuto but they are relevant to the standard shape too. This was my first real Japanese knife after dabbling with more production type makes. What a difference! Straight out of the box, this was the sharpest knife I have ever used. It is a scalpel. It cut through produce like nothing I have ever experienced. Some stuff did cause a bit of stiction, like potato and carrot. But overall this blade just dispatched everything I threw at it with total ease and control. It can take a slight patina which is quite attractive if you like that kind of thing. In general I would say it is an easy to care for knife. The fit and finish are exemplary. The handle is nice and well finished. If you are looking for a well made, super light and uber sharp chef knife you really should take a look at the Konosuke HD. It thoroughly deserves it's reputation.

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    5  Still a Favorite, July 18, 2015
    Posted By: Jeff B
    1 people found this review helpful

    After three years of use this knife is still one of my favorites. Knife gets extremely sharp and holds it's edge respectably. Is one of my best performing knives for all types of produce. There should be one in every kitchen.

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    5  Product Review, September 13, 2013
    Posted By: Thomas Furtner - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    Wow, what a great knive! Due tue the thin blade it slides through the food. I did the tomato test after I had resharpened the knive with 1k, 2k and 8k Stones it I needed only one half stroke without any force to cut it in the middle.

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    5  Product Review, May 6, 2013
    Posted By: Josh - verified customer

    Just got this knife today, it's my first ever nice one. Although I can't compare it to other japanese knives, the moderate amount of prep I did today was REALLY fun and the konosuke is probably 100,000 times better than the generic stainless I used to use. Get one or get a nicer one, and definitely get a saya.

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    5  Product Review, October 9, 2012
    Posted By: Todd G - verified customer
    2 people found this review helpful

    This knife cuts like a dream! It just slides right through all kinds of meats and veggies. My first laser, and my favorite knife, by far. Just a joy to use.

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    5  Product Review, October 6, 2012
    Posted By: Elizabeth - verified customer

    I thought I had a sharp knife. Then I got the Konosuke. Wow. And I must say provided excellent service.

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    4  Product Review, July 2, 2012
    Posted By: Rado - verified customer

    The Koon HD 240mm is a fantastic knife! I have been using it solely for over a month and so far its performance has been outstanding. It is very thin (although I was expecting thinner for some reason), very light, and nimble. Its edge retention is great and it is very easy to sharpen. It also feels really nice on the waterstones. The reason I am giving it a 4 star is because I think this knife is slightly on the light side for my style of cutting but that is rather very subjective. The handle feels great Ė I feel that it has more grip when wet compared to the treated ones. It is rather light for my liking. The knife is also blade heavy so maybe opting out for aftermarket handle could balance the knife perfectly and add some needed weight. For the ones that wonder the knife does come little on the short side ~ 235mm. I have been using 240s and the difference in length is not noticable. Bottom line is that this knife is an outstanding performer and great value for the money. Mark, as usual, is top notch.

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    5  Product Review, May 19, 2012
    Posted By: Eric - verified customer

    Sliced up some salmon sashimi today -- sliced through like butter.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes No
    5  Product Review, May 9, 2012
    Posted By: David - verified customer

    Great service from Mark/Chefs knives to Go (shame about UK customs!)and for the money a fantastic product. Fit and finish is excellent, cuts beautifully as well as being very light and nimble. Highly recommended!

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    4  Product Review, November 28, 2011
    Posted By: YV - verified customer

    Shipping was ridiculously fast, as always. Ordered on Monday, it was here on Wednesday. The knife: Ultra sharp, ultra thin. The first thing I cut with it was a Russet potato and it glided right through without any the usual crack you hear with other knives. I am using the OOTB edge so no experience with it on stones or with a different edge. The things stopping me from giving it five stars: It's a bit too light. You'll have to work the knife a little more, although the sharp edge definitely helps. Also, the blade is super thin so there is a slight slight amount of flex. I wouldn't go smashing garlic with this thing, or any other action other than a cutting motion. It's my go-to knife now.

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    5  Product Review, November 23, 2011
    Posted By: Roger - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    This HD impresses me more than I thought. It's just as light and sharpe as its White #2 steel cousin. I haven't had to sharpen it yet, so I don't know if it will be comparable to the White #2 steel version.

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    5  Product Review, August 2, 2011
    Posted By: Dave - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    I'd been looking for months at all these thin blades, and couldn't pull the trigger on any of them because of my uncertainties that they would hold up in a professional kitchen. This knife had many good reviews, and I've always been on to baby my knives somewhat anyways, so I took the plunge. First night with it at work, after using it through an 8 hour shift, I saw tomato relish on the list for the next morning. I stuck around and diced 2 cases of tomatoes in about 35 minutes with this bad boy, and I could still give my arm a decent shave after. Knife is very thin, and almost too light for my taste. It really feels like there's nothing in my hand at all. My only complaint is that I went with the 240mm instead of the 270 :P

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    5  Product Review, June 21, 2011
    Posted By: Shaun - verified customer
    2 people found this review helpful

    My first laser, and now one of my favorite all-time knives. This knife will get screaming sharp, more so than anything I've used. The steel is very fine grained.

    The handle fits your hand great, the knife is super light, super thin, and super sharp OOTB. Only needed to be stropped. It holds its edge better than most stainless knives I've used but gets much sharper. I've heard things about these knives; now I see what all the fuss is about!

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    5  Product Review, June 21, 2011
    Posted By: thombrogan - verified customer

    The Konosuke HD 240mm wa-gyuto combines many positive features sought after in an ultra-thin chef knife.

    First off, its fit and finish are impeccable. I tried to pec, but it's got an evenly finished blade with completely eased choil and spine, a decent factory edge, and a great handle with waterbuffalo ferrules on both ends.

    Second, this blade is thin. Thinned mine out more after a few uses, but it was waifer-thin right out of the box. Thin enough to be a laser or razor and make you hoot so loud you might get shot with a taser.

    Third, and this ties in with the knife being thin, is it's light. Whether you call it 4.7 ounces or 133.4 grams, you will not be calling it heavy. Love the way it seemingly floats from my knifeblock to my hand. Don't love that I cackle maniacly when it happens - you're making it too easy for my to be creepy when using your knives, Mr. Kosuke.

    Fourth - its steel is some sort of high-end alloy built. When first sharpening it feels weird (words fail to describe - I've heard been described as similar to sharpening glass or carbon steel, but both descriptions fall short), but it'll take an incredible edge with minimal stones (you don't need the most or even second most expensive stones you can afford).

    The sum of these four points is a knife that is an unbridled pleasure to use on meats, veggies, and fruits that is perfect out of the box and perfecter when its owner adds his or her embellishments to its edge.

    That Mark & Susan ship it really fast and allow the purchaser to choose whether or not a saya is needed (if you travel with the blade, a saya is a great idea, but if you know you explode like Dr. Frankenstein every time you use the knife and decide it should only be in one kitchen, a saya is overkill).

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes No
    4  Product Review, April 26, 2011
    Posted By: Jeff Schriner - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    This is one of the commonly hailed laser knives. Its a very thin chef's knife. Superb fit and finish. Its comes very sharp but the edge is not a fine edge and you will not truly see the benefit of this superb knife unless you put this knife to some fine Japanese Waterstones. The geometry of this knife is very similar to a Suisin Honyaki and a Tadatsuna. This is a superb chef knife if you like em' thin. Great buy for the money! The Saya it comes with is OK...about average as Japanese Saya's go.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes No
    5  Product Review, April 1, 2011
    Posted By: Chris - verified customer

    Even expecting this to be thin and light, I was still in awe at just how light it really is. The 240 really feels like a 210. If you use a 240 regularly, maybe stepping to the 270 wouldn't be a terrible idea. Many people talked of the handle being smallish. I find it very comfortable. I like the octagon/ round hybrid; and it seems a perfect size for the weight. Its actually about the same size as my 240 Takeda, which is a much larger knife. OOTB edge is good; not stellar. takes a little work to achieve a great edge, but does get exceedingly sharp. Have used it exclusively for several days on the line, and has maintianed it edge well, with occassional stropping only. The spine is nicely rounded, but not the choil, which is an easy fix. This knife has lived up to all my expectations 99.99% Thanks again, Mark! Great transaction as usual!

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes No
    4  Product Review, February 16, 2011
    Posted By: Ryan - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    I have a lot of Japanese knives and this is by far the most impressive cutter due to the geometry and edge, but mainly the geometry. Noticeably thinner than a Tadatsuna INOX with better edge retention. The geometry is superb and the fit and finish is excellent although I don't find the handle all that attractive but the saya is great. The steel qualities are comparable to the Ichimonji TKC, although the HD steel seems to be finer grained like white steel and produces a very refined edge. The TKC tends to have a more toothy edge which makes it better for slicing beef. The HD is awesome for cutting vegetables like onions and carrots that cause other knives to wedge. The edge holding is good but not stellar if used on poly boards. It must be used with a light hand but touches up easily on a 5K stone and also responds well to steeling. All around great knife, really good as a line knife, but not quite a workhorse. Mine is sharpened 80/20 at about 10-12 degrees.

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