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Konosuke HD2 Gyuto 270mm  - Click to enlarge
Konosuke HD2 Gyuto 270mm
Item #HD 270 Gyuto Ebony
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The HD line from Konosuke has the same dimensions as the White #2 line, but is made from proprietary semi-stainless steel to provide that extra protection from discoloration. Care does need to be taken to prevent rusting, but these knives take on a great patina which will also help to curb discoloration. This 270mm Gyuto is the most popular sized knife amongst professional cooks. It provides the perfect length when cutting large amounts of produce or meats. It is the all-around multi-tasking blade and great for so many jobs. Heat-treated to an HRC of 61, these blades are attached to to an octagonal Ebony wood handle with a blonde Buffalo horn ferrule. As with all of our Konosuke knives, this comes with the option of a Saya.
Average rating is 5
By:  Chef
By:  ChefBD
Western MA
This knife is simply amazing! I have only owned Wustoff and a couple of Shuns until now and this is an entirely different animal. Light and sharp as can be out of the box,this knife can take anything I can throw at it.(no bones though!) I can’t wait to put an even better edge on this and see what it can do. One of my employees,a devout Shun user,tried it out and was smiling ear to ear and saying "Wow,you really feel like you’re holding a fine instrument of culinary death here" Works for me.
By:  Roger Sutton
I really like the HD knives. They are just as light and sharp as the White #2 series. I haven’t had to sharpen the HD yet and don’t know if it will hold an edge as well as the White #2. They appear to be virtually like a stainless knife although there is a very slight patina,but nothing like the patina developed on a White #2 steel knife.

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Konosuke HD2 Gyuto 270mm

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