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Kitayama 8000 Grit Water Stone - Click to enlarge
Kitayama 8000 Grit Water Stone
Item #Kitayama 8000x Water Stone
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Kitayama 8000x Water Stone.
  • Size 205mm x 75mm x 25mm

    The Kitayama whetstone has a grit rating of 8,000 but some stores claim that it is 12,000. The reason for this confusion is that the stone "seems" like a higher grit. We use the actual rating on the stone. The Kitayama whetstone should be soaked in water for about 15 minutes before use. Kitayama stones contain Magnesium salts that will dissolve in water so it is recommended that you do not leave the stone in water for long periods of time.

    We recently switched these stones to the baseless version after our customers voted 10 to 1 in favor of the baseless version. The baseless stone allows you to sharpen on both sides.

  • Average rating is 4.9
    By:  Jesse
    This stone doesn’t need to be soaked before use,it works great as a splash and go. Don’t use the nagura to build a slurry,it’s there for cleaning up the stone,rinse the slurry off. This stone cuts amazingly fast for such a fine grit. It gives a mirror polish finer than most 10k stones. It’s a steal at twice the price. Now that I have used it,I can’t believe I lived without it for so long. This is the nicest finishing stone I have ever used. It’s got a great feel,nice and smooth,not too hard,not too soft. Perfection
    By:  Aniceto Moreno Jr
    This is my first whet stone that I have purchased and it is everything I hoped it would be. I normally do not soak the stone prior to use rather splash it with water. However,it works great either way. Mirror finish on the blade and envious co-workers abound. Great purchase.
    By:  Bryan
    I use this as my finishing stone after a Suehiro Rika 5000 grit water stone. It polishes up the edge very nicely with relatively little time. Would strongly recommend this as a finishing stone! You should flatten the stone after every use because the metal particles from the blade do accumulate on the surface of the stone.
    By:  Paul
    This is an excellent stone.Use after a good 6000 stone and(Do not soak)just splash and keep wet by wiping with fresh water frequently,it will give you a very quick mirror polish as good as or better than any 10-12000 grit stone.It is a pure bonus that it is large and inexpensive
    By:  M. Pettersson
    Santa Monica,CA
    I just bought my second one,it’s a brilliant finishing stone that if treated right could give that dark deep mirror finish. Also it has great feeback and is a pure pleasure to work on.
    By:  Aaron
    I’ve wanted to use this stone for a good while but always kept putting it off. Do I regret it. Wonderful stone for the price,easily worth twice the amount. Hard stone yet fast cutting,low water consumption (just splash and go). But I should note that while yes this stone will work as a 8k it will shine if used after 8 or 10K stones. The finish will be much better if you use it this way. Simply an awesome stone.
    By:  Barnet Rawitch
    Newport Beach,CA
    Outstanding stone purchased from outstanding online store.
    By:  Ronny
    One of the best 8000 grit water stones for your money.
    By:  greg haines
    this is a great stone,just a rub with the slurry stone and a spritz with water and you’re ready to go. Great feedback,excellent polished bevel. Does a wonderful job on my straight razors and all my knives. Also excellent value at this price.
    By:  ward c.
    The large size makes this a real bargin. I dont soak this stone,it just takes a splash and is ready to use. Doesnt clog or dry out and the feed back is very nice. Some users have rated this at 10000 grit. It leaves a fine mirror polish. This in my favorite man made polish stone along with the shapton 8000.
    By:  Troy
    This is a really nice stone for finishing a knife. I use it as a splash-n-go stone with a little more splash than my other splash-n-go stones. Great stone before going to the strop.

    This stone is soft,so Mark recommended that I only strop on it. of course I didn’t listen so I did snow-plow and gouge it a little (a very little),so back to only stroping for me.

    For me,this is a great finishing stone at a reasonable price. Highly recommend.
    By:  Federico
    This is a fantastic finishing stone. I use it after a 6000 grit Ohishi or 6000 Arashiyama. Depending on how much pressure I apply or how much mud I create,this stone can finish like an 8000 or 10000 grit stone. It’s a splash and go stone so it does not wear quickly. I also like that I can flip it and use the opposite side. I have an Imanishi 10000 and on some knives the Kitayama finishes better.

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    Kitayama 8000 Grit Water Stone

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