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Kikuichi Elite Carbon Sujihiki 270mm
Kikuichi Elite Carbon Sujihiki 270mm
Kikuichi Elite Carbon Sujihiki 270mm

Kikuichi Elite Carbon Sujihiki 270mm

Item #: SC 27-10-5
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This Kikuichi Elite Carbon Sujihiki measures 270mm or about 10.5 inches on the blade. This is one of our most popular Sujihikis because the blade is well made and the carbon steel hold a steep edge and is easy to resharpen. Here is a great video featuring this knife being sharpened by Curtis Chung on Chosera stones.

Customer Reviews
Average rating is 4.4
By:  Kel @ KnifeForums
A really excellent sujihiki. Came very sharp out of the box and got even sharper afterward.

Balance is perfect and the blade profile is spot-on for my uses (mainly western-style slicing of cooked proteins).

This knife slides through meat with no sticking at all,which is a beautiful thing.
By:  david sin
this knife looks flawless out of the box. one of the best knives i have bought,should’ve bought this earlier before. on the first nigth on the job,it worked perfectly and fish barely sticks to it =) one thing i hate about carbon is that it discolors if moisture "baked" itself in the blade. But,overall this is a good buy! oh and one more thing: the black saya cover offered in this page barely fits the sujihiki,dont even bother with the cover. it fits just in to scratch the knifes edge,bad bad design but the paint looks great...
By:  Sean
This knife excels at slicing. For carbon steel,it’s not as reactive as some of my others. Pretty sharp out of the box. I like it!
By:  Dan B
Beautiful knife. I took it from 1000 to 8000 on my shapton hones,it’s incredibly sharp and nothing sticks to it.

Definitely should have bought this earlier.
By:  E-rock
Nice knife I’ve used it almost everyday since purchase. Great for slicing protiens
By:  Ian Bock
Bought this knife a few months ago for slicing fish and have been pretty disappointed since I opened the box. Balance isn’t as good as my kikuichi carbon guyoto,handle feels light and cheap in comparison,and the kanji is screened on instead of stamped like they used to be. Knife sharpens up pretty easily on my 1000 & 6000 stones,but it definitely doesn’t hold an edge as well as some of my other carbon knives. Would definitely recommend spending the extra cash and going for the misono sujihiki instead.
By:  Ted
I love it,great knife.
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