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Kikuichi Elite Carbon Hankotsu 150mm
Kikuichi Elite Carbon Hankotsu 150mm
Kikuichi Elite Carbon Hankotsu 150mm

Kikuichi Elite Carbon Hankotsu 150mm

Item #: Sakabone HC 15-06-0
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Kikuichi Elite Carbon Hankotsu boning knife (Kikuichi calls it a SAKABONE) mesures 150mm or about 6" on the blade.

The Kikuichi Elite Carbon knife line is well regarded by professionals for high quality steel and easy re-sharpening. Kikuichi Elite Carbon knives are reactive and require special care. You need to keep the knives dry or else they will quickly oxidize.

  • weight: 5.6oz
  • blade length: 150mm
  • total length: 265mm
  • spine thickness: 2.32mm
  • blade depth: 27.64mm
  • Customer Reviews
    Average rating is 5
    By:  JBroida
    beverly hills,ca
    This is a knife i fell in love with immediately when i opened the box. It just has that cool factor. I initially bought it just for fun. I had expected it to be a thick and heavy boning knife. When i picked it up for the first time,i was amazed at how thin it was. It is like a petty knife rather than a boning knife. I have since been using it in place of both my honesuki and petty on a pretty regular basis. As it is carbon,it requires a little extra care,but i have found that this steel is not too reactive. And because it is carbon,edge upkeep is really fast and easy. I have put a pretty thick edge on this so it will hold up while breaking down chicken and other poultry,but you can put a much thinner edge on this and it will hold up great. Every time i pick this knife up it grows on me more and more. Is it really that great of a knife or is the "cool factor: just that overwhelming? who knows... but i love this knife
    By:  Jeff Schriner
    Louisville KY
    I bought this knife primarily to butcher deer,elk and other large game animals as I’m a hunter and wanted to replace my Forschner boning knives with something that was a little less flexible and held an edge better. This knife filled the bill perfectly. I boned out deer carcass without missing a beat. This knife finished the task with as good an edge as when I started! It is a carbon steel blad so you’ll have to care for it,dry it and oil it until a patina develops but like any carbon knife it sharpens fast and holds an edge a long time! This is a VERY nice knife and I expect I will be using it on more game next year!
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