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Kitaoka Damascus Funayuki 180mm White #1
Kitaoka Damascus Funayuki 180mm White #1
Kitaoka Damascus Funayuki 180mm White #1

Kitaoka Damascus Funayuki 180mm White #1

Item #: Kitaoka Funi 180 Sumi
Our Price: $310.00
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Kitaoka Damascus Funayuki 180mm White #1. Director: Hideo Kitaoka Traditional Craftsman Born: March 23, 1950 I was born on March 23, 1950. It has been over 30 years since I succeeded our family business of pounding knives. I have been doing my best to learn skills a little bit at a time from watching how my father worked. There has been many times when I felt frustrated, but it is fun and really enjoyable to make 10 or 20 knives with the same shape by pounding a hammer on red-hot iron lump. I think thatís what the mind of craftsman is. Traditional handicraftsmen requires us to acquire one skill at a time and we have to learn it with our hands and body. I have realized how difficult to keep traditional handicraftsmen. I make Deba and Japanese knives mainly, and I would like to try my best to make amazingly sharp and ďcut that-makes-you-feel-greatĒ knives as the 3rd generation.

The knives in this section are made with a beautiful damascus cladding with a hard shirogami steel (white #1) core edge. HRC on these knives is 63/64 and they're one of the better quality sushi knives on our site. All of these knives are right handed, single bevel with rosewood octagonal handles. We highly recommend Mr. Kitaoka's knives for anyone making traditional Japanese cuisine.

  • weight: 6.8oz
  • blade length: 172mm (6.77in)
  • total length: 319mm (12.55in)
  • spine thickness at base: 4.98mm
  • blade height: 44.22mm
  • Customer Reviews
    Average rating is 4
    By:  Jake
    This funayuki really is like a scaled down version of a deba.

    The factory edge was fantastic,very sharp,and the profile is perfect for me. The POB is forward,but very manageable especially with this length knife.

    The blade road is rough,so I polished it out to a true kasumi finish and it really cuts and glides through proteins like a champ now. You can actually cut meats with a glossy finish,despite being a thicker knife. This knife really feels natural to me and makes fileting and cutting meats easy.

    Loving the white #1 but to me the damascus is superfluous. On my knife,the uraoshi is not perfectly flat,but very well done nonetheless. Easily remedied if you know how to properly sharpen knives.

    Bottom line: Excellent knife,the damascus is a little unnecessary and drives up the price a bit,but buy this knife if you like white #1 steel. You may need to polish the primary bevel if you really want a true kasumi finish.
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