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Kangaroo Strop For Edge Pro 1x6" - Click to enlarge
Kangaroo Strop For Edge Pro 1x6"
Item #Kangaroo Strop
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Kangaroo Strop For Edge Pro 1x6". Kangaroo, it is an ULTRAFINE surface. Smoother than a baby's butt. It takes compounds extremely well and is EXTREMELY thin, minimizing inadvertent edge convexing. It's also an extremely strong leather. In particular, I find that 'roo works exceptionally well with grits 0.125 micron and below because it doesn't provide much if any abrasion on it's own, letting the compounds 'shine through'. It should work well enough on some of the coarser compounds, but I find balsa more than adequate for those too. It also has a nice consistent draw.

The 1x6 strop is mounted on Aluminum blanks. I'm extremely pleased with how these came out. I've selected extra thin Kangaroo leather specifically because it is so thin that the amount of 'give' is minimized. Smooth? You bet! Some of the smoothest leather I have ever felt. I'm considering it an ultimate strop, especially well suited for ultrafine compounds below one micron going all the way down to my finest compounds (0.025 microns - ten times finer than quarter micron). In the extreme, it can also be used without compound and has the 'draw' associated with leather. Pictures can't truly capture the smoothness, which must be touched to truly believe just how fine it is.

Average rating is 5
By:  Shaun
My favorite
Yes,this Kangaroo is something to hop around about! I use it to finish my straight razor,and I’m completely blown away by my results. Use it with nothing on it after your compounds. It keeps an edge that I trust on my face,day in and day out.
By:  Rob Babcock
Sioux Falls,SD
What an amazing strop! Despite the 1" x 6" format it works very well for freehand stropping,even on large knives. Not surprising I guess since it was developed by a guy that sharpens gyutos on Post-It Note. :-)
By:  Steeley
Kens strops are amazing. And the Kangaroo is no exception. It is extremely thin,and has almost no give,thus making your chances of micro convexing your edge very small. Compounds work fantastic on it as well. Highly recommended. I do prefer the 2x6" size for freehand stropping.
By:  Johan
Excellent item! Easy to use by holding in your hand
By:  Colin M,
The Kangaroo strops are worth every penny. They are a high quality stropping substrate. The stiction produced when used with the edge pro produces a heavy burnishing effect in conjunction with the effect of the stropping compound you are using.

This finely grained leather is stretched tautly across the aluminum backing. This produces a strop with very little give,greatly reducing the risk of rounding off your edge.

I use mine with CBN,these make a great finishing step for all knives.

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Kangaroo Strop For Edge Pro 1x6"

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