Imanishi 10,000 Finishing Stone
Imanishi 10,000 Finishing Stone
Imanishi 10,000 Finishing Stone

Imanishi 10,000 Finishing Stone

Item #: Imanishi 10,000
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This magnesia based stone has been sold under several names. We call it by the manufacturer's name and the grit level. The Imanishi 10k stone is a great polishing stone and leaves a mirror finish. The stone gives great feedback, cuts fast and is medium hard. It is way softer than a chocera 10k but harder than an ss10k. This stone needs to be soaked for 15 minutes. Measures 76mm x 26mm x 210mm. Weighs 764g.

Customer Reviews
Average rating is 4.8
By:  Erik
This is my first hone stone at this grit level.

I can say that it does only takes a few swipes and your edge will have a mirror finish.

This stone is soft,i never used the SS10k,but even stropping with the tip first you can easily leave some grooves in the stone. this might be me and not so much the stone,but be warned it is soft.

The stone feels very nice and smooth,like others have described as buttery.

i feel a great purchase for the dollar amount.
By:  EJ
Seattle WA
Fantastic deal on this stone! I really love the mirror finish it gives to my single bevel knives.
By:  Les
Myrtle Beach
Have one of these for the edge pro,conssidering the price I was really blown away.

I know that I am going to get alot of boos,but I will take this over the 10k Chosera any day,in price and performance,leaves a beautiful mirror,can be used after a 5/6k progression,but is really nice to have an 8k in between.

By:  Gary
Philadelphia Pa
I used this stone once at my buddies house and fell in love with it now I have one of my own and love it... it is butter smooth and gets an awesome semi mirror finish on the blade!!
By:  Federico
A very nice finishing stone. It feels slightly softer/chalky than the Kitayama but if used with very light pressure it’ll create a very refined edge. I’ve used this with and without a Nagura and I find for stropping it works better without mud. I think the mud gets particles from the knife that don’t have a chance to break down when stropping and those particles could dull edge. I also like using green chromium oxide on a piece of flattened hard maple for stropping.
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