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Ozuku Asagi (Koppa)
Ozuku Asagi (Koppa) Ozuku Asagi (Koppa)Ozuku Asagi (Koppa)Ozuku Asagi (Koppa)
Ozuku Asagi (Koppa) Ozuku Asagi (Koppa)Ozuku Asagi (Koppa)Ozuku Asagi (Koppa)

Ozuku Asagi (Koppa)

Item #: Ozukukoppa

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Our Price: $69.95(You Save: $25.00)
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We sell a lot of these stones primarily to razor sharpeners. The stones come in a variety of sizes and shapes but the one in the picture is what we have in stock. It is 5.5 inches long, 3.25 inches wide and .5 inches thick. It weighs 15 oz. They tend to last a long time since the stones are dense and hard and cut slowly. Takeda really likes these stones for razors but they work well as finishing stones for knives as well. This is a very hard and high grit finisher. My guess is these stones are about 15k-20k. Each one is a little different in size and shape and weight.

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5  Ozuku, July 16, 2016
Posted By: Nicholas

Perfect stone for those who want a new or first jnat finishing stone without having to spend toop much pocket money. The first stone I purchased is a nice finisher, it creates a really beautiful gloss to the edge while keeping it butter smooth and sharp. I haven't used it with anything but straight razors yet. But I figure using it to refresh a knife or even hair styling sheers would get the job done correctly.

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4  Fun stuff!, May 29, 2015
Posted By: Max S.
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I've always wanted to try a high grit natural Jap stone, when I saw they had one in stock I jumped on it! I've never had a problem using small stones on my knives, or stones that aren't perfectly flat. I am pretty good at working around issues like that. My stone is not square, upper left is missing a huge chunk, so is the lower right, if this stone was proper sized and shaped, i'm sure it would cost a lot more money.
When I started with it, I used a lot of water and the stone really did not do much. I decided to use a tiny drop of water and it worked better, a little slurry with a diamond stone is nice too.
The stone produces a very very fine white mud, which immediately turns shiny black while honing. I have yet to get a polish that looks like "10-15K" but the edges coming off this stone are insane! super smooth. I can see why razor honers like these. I say try it! 4 out of 5 stars because of inclusions and irregular shape. Good Purchase

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5  Product Review, April 16, 2013
Posted By: Jerry - verified customer

I recently bought two of these asagi koppas to use as tomonagura for each other for my razors. Well, one stone is much harder than the other one. So, now I have a prepolisher and a finisher. What a great deal!

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5  Product Review, November 6, 2012
Posted By: mark zervoudakis - verified customer

I ordered this stone to see what all the fuss was about. As it is at the cheaper end of J-nat prices I wasn't expecting much. Up till now I have been largely satisfied with my kitiyama as a finisher but I never could get the edge I really wanted. I have now just honed two knives as a test - one in white#1 and the other in blue super - the results for both have been instant and dramatic. With little or no slurry the stone quickly took the kitiyama level of finish to a whole new level. This stone cuts fast and smooth and while being quite hard actually has a buttery feel. This is completely different to say a ark translucent which is extremely slow to cut and glassy on hard steels. I am very impressed with the feedback and results for such a cheap J-nat and would definatey recommend this to anyone who wants to find that next level of keeness at a reasonable price. Obviously it won't make a dull knife sharp but if you are not entirely happy with what your current finisher is doing for you then definately grab one of these babies.

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5  Product Review, June 6, 2012
Posted By: Bullman - verified customer

I will not live without this stone I would actually get in a bidding war if their was only on left in the world it is that good, beautiful edges is the only way to describe it.

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5  Product Review, May 31, 2012
Posted By: Tim - verified customer

I just got this stone in last night and tried it out a bit today. I tried it on a Tojiro ITK 210mm, Itossai Hidatool 210mm Santoku and a Tanaka Kurouchi Blue #2 Nakiri I got from CKTG. It really refined the edge from the ITK and Santoku very nicely and put a smooth but bitey edge on those blades. On the Tanaka, it was sick. Never had an edge that sharp or aggressive, yet still smooth in the cut! It also worked on my Artifex and Addict2, but those edges weren't as sharp as the others to begin with. I just got a few minutes to play with it, but in that time, I fell in love with it!!

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5  Product Review, September 26, 2011
Posted By: Aaron - verified customer
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Good things do come in small packages. This stone is no exception. Glass smooth and hard. A nagura is a must for this if you ask me. The finish is great, best edge off the stone I've ever had. When you first start to use it it starts out at a 8-10k but when you use just the weight of the knife and the mud, it goes up to 15 or even 20K finish. Great stone and as usual great service from Mark.

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5  Product Review, April 24, 2011
Posted By: Bob Nitchke - verified customer

First I must say that the shipping was as fast as any I've seen. Next the stone was above my expectations,I can't add much to the reviews above but if you want to try a jnat this stone would be a great start at a bargain price. I'm glad I bought it.

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5  Product Review, March 25, 2011
Posted By: Rob Babcock - verified customer
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A quick update: This one works very, very well on SG-2 and VG-10 as well. The traditionalists will probably wince but I've had great results raising a bit of slurry with the DMT. I like sharpening on it immediately after flattening it. It cuts surprisingly fast and leaves a great polish behind.

One remarkable thing about this stone is the smooth-yet-grabby bite it gives an edge. Before I started getting into J-nats the Naniwa Chocera 10k was the only stone I'd seen that creates this effect. There's no easy way to compare the stones as they're quite different but I can say that they're very comparable in quality and the type of cutting performance (not necessarily appearance, though) they give. Considering the Ozuku Asagi is about 1/4 the price of the 10k Chocera I'd say it's quite a bargain. It's done a very good job on all the steels I've tried it on. And it works especially well following the Tanaka natural Aoto I recently acquired.

Highly recommended for those looking into getting into a natural Shiageto without breaking the bank.

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5  Product Review, February 23, 2011
Posted By: Rob Babcock - verified customer

I love this stone! It does a very nice job of polishing, and it works very well for tool steels, too. For kitchen knives I can't imagine many people needing to go any higher in polish than this (grit range wise). It does wear pretty slowly and isn't quick to build up any slurry...perhaps I'll have to get a nagura.

Overall a very fine stone. I can't wait to try it out on more types of steel.

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5  Product Review, July 5, 2010
Posted By: Stefan - verified customer

Another high quality, broad range stone suitable both for knife and razor.
the stone is hard and with buttery feel to it.
It is fully capable to take 1k edge all the way to the 8-10k where I estimate it to be at its finest.
For regular knife sharpening this would be a final stone in a progression of two.
If one wants to go higher , then this is the perfect stone to use as pre-polisher.
Amazingly good price for the quality you get.

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5  Product Review, July 5, 2010
Posted By: Stefan - verified customer

One of the best purchases I have made.
The stone is ideal for polishing knives up to 10k finish, or as prepolisher for a high grit polishing stone.
The stone is very fast and capable of taking 1k edge all the way to its potential at 8-10k.
The stone feels buttery smooth, and is rather hard and slow wearing.
Again great buy at a bargain price.

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