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Richmond Strop Kit w/ 3 x 11 horse - Click to enlarge
Richmond Strop Kit w/ 3 x 11 horse
Item #Richmond Strop Kit
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This kit includes all you need to get razor sharp edges.

  • Richmond Strop Base
  • Horse Butt Strop 3 X 11
  • Balsa Strop 3 x 11
  • .25 Micron Diamond Spray
  • Average rating is 5
    By:  EJ
    Wow! This strop set quickly took my edges to a new level. Super easy to use and the base doesn’t move around like the other one I tried and returned. Great product!
    By:  Troy
    This is simply an awesome set! Talk about finishing a knife edge off right! Mark told me I would be amazed,and he ain’t kidden!!!

    I really cannot say enough good stuff about this kit. If you want to finish your knifes in style,you cannot go wrong with this kit.
    By:  Troy Fuller
    Mark told me that stropping would take my edges to a new level and WOW he was right! This kit is awesome and makes the process simple. Hightly recommneded!!
    By:  Mr.Magnus
    Sweden Stockholm
    This strop kit made me very happy. works great with both knives and razors. just took one of my shavers to a painless death level :)
    By:  Patrick
    A few swipes and you’re back in action.
    By:  Manuel Acon
    San Jose,Costa Rica
    Great kit! It took my knives to a higher level. I used to sharpen with a 1000-5000 grid wet stone but this kit complements perfectly and completes the job.
    By:  Jeff Jones
    This,along with every other product I’ve bought from Mark,is excellent. I bought this because it has everything I need for proper stropping. I don’t have to buy pieces individually. That’s why I keep coming back to Chefknivestogo,and I recommend it to all my friend for the same reasons.
    By:  Victor Jelbring
    Mackay Australia.
    This set as many people before me has qouted,does really take your sharpening experience to the very next level,that is ofc if you are a person who demands the very best possible sharpness and cutting performance.

    This kit will take you a very long way,the base is solid and hold everything steady,the wood stropp is so nice and smoth and with the dimond spray that comes with it,just a few first stroke and you can tell straight away that your edge is now already something you have not touch or tase before.

    To finish of with the kits horse but strop,is just such a great product to work with,just with a few last smooth stroke your knife will end up in a condition that only deserve big stand up and take a bow.

    one thing I can advise to anyone who is thinking to buy this set is a few following details that is good to know.

    Yes for "GOD" sake buy this kit if you wanna take it to a new level and yes the price is so much value,after using it I could easy pay twice if I had to.

    when you use your Horse Strop,please what ever you do,do not just force your blade down on to it.

    Place it down nice a controled,otherwise like we all do in the start,even myself cut small marks on the leather,just cause the blade is so dam sharp,you really have to place it down nice and slow and then manke a light but yet firm stroke.

    Last thing what I love about this kit is that when you are using the strops and start stroping,the aroma / smell from the wood and leather is just unbelivible,that smell really is something beautifull to have around you when you sharpen your knifes. Great Product and Great Value for your money. and Tanks to Mark and his wife for exelent service ! Big TIme.

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    Richmond Strop Kit w/ 3 x 11 horse

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