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Edge Pro Ceramic Sharpening Rod - Click to enlarge
Edge Pro Ceramic Sharpening Rod
Item #EP Rod
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Portable 8" 1200 Grit Ceramic Hone. Has a very nice soft feel because of the plastic tube handle. It also fits in the serrations of serrated kitchen knives to remove the burr after sharpening. Fits in the Apex knife bag or in a regular knife case.
Average rating is 5
By:  Rob Babcock
This is a really terrific ceramic hone. Like all Idahones it has a great feel and works very well. I find the Idahones to be superior to any other brand I’ve tried. The plastic sheath is really brilliant- it protects the hone from damage,and when you draw the ceramic from the sheath the opposite end had a socket that holds the rod,allowing the entire length of the sheath to serve as a handle. Very slick!

I carry this one and a HA Borosilicate Glass hone in my work roll at all times. If either broke I’d be on the horn to CKtG for a replacement ASAP! For twenty bucks I gotta call this one a no-brainer!

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Edge Pro Ceramic Sharpening Rod

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