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CCK Large Slicer - Click to enlarge
CCK Large Slicer
Item #KF 1103
Regular price:$90.00
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Known as the “Kitchen Slicer,” this Chinese chef’s knife is a great cleaver at an even better price. Made from carbon steel, this cleaver does require extra care to keep from rusting but it will take a great patina. This is a great introduction to those wanting their first cleaver or a workhorse for vegetable prep.

  • Weight: 14.5 ounces
  • Blade Length: 227 mm (9")
  • Overall Length: 330 mm (13")
  • Thickness at Heel: 2.8 mm

  • Average rating is 4.8
    By:  Salar
    For the price this cleaver is a amazing bargain. I recommend it to any person who enjoys using a vegetable cleaver for home or pro use. it has a thin blade,light wight,and decent stock edge I took it to work day of arrival and was and still am very happy with the knife. Now I understand why it has "a cult following among some knife forum members"

    Oh yeah if you are a cleaver guy forget the small and get this one you will be glad you did.
    By:  Sammy
    Bay Area,CA
    I didn’t know how much I enjoyed cleavers until I got this knife. I have a Shun,and several other chef knifes,and I enjoy the versatility and ability of this cleaver more than my other knives. The edge keeps for a great long time and you can bang it around. I work as a banquet cook and use my knifes all day. Also,totally stoked for getting the larger version of this cleaver.
    By:  Mike Schw.
    near Frankfurt,Germany
    I was searching all over for an authentic CarbonSteel Chinese Cleaver in Germany,all i could find was either StainlessSteel made in china or good but expensive japanese made Cleaver. My search ended,when i accidaently stumoled on Chefknivestogo.

    A few Days after the Order,the Cleaver arrived at my Home in Germany.

    It exactly like i wanted it,very,very thin Blade measuring 231x110mmm,After a few strikes on my 1000/3000 Combo Stone it achieved a pretty good edge,sharp enough to be cut newspaper. Edge Holding Capability is comparable with the famous german Herder Windmuehle Carbon Knives,good but not as good as Jap Hagane Steel.

    Recently,i took it on the Stones again in Order to remove some of the rustprotecting Laquer and smoothed the Edges of the Spine. Now it has taken a nice Patina,which i prefer on a Carbon Knife.

    This Knife has become on of my Favorites in my Selection among my traditional Japanese Knives.

    Great Buy,takes a great Edge,retains it well,easy to sharpen,kick ass Profile => highly recommended !!
    By:  glb
    Quality of materials and construction not the top of the line,but thinness of blade,weight,ability to take a sharp edge,and price make this a good buy.
    By:  Tom Brent
    Buffalo,New York
    Told me it would take four days to deliver,but came in less than two. Great knife. Thinest blade cleaver I own...my favorite.
    By:  Christopher Alford
    Arlington TX
    I love the excess of this knife. It’s huge. And in a good way. When coworkers see me use it they want to pick it up. All are surprised by the light weight and razor sharp blade it can take. Glad I finally picked one up.
    By:  leonardo ortiz
    The knife was a great buy. I love the size and feel of the blade in my hand. It chops through everything with ease. I don’t use it on bones,but everything else glides through the cut.

    Cons: The blade got a little bit of rust after the second wash. So now I wash the blade then put a light coat of olive oil to help keep it from rusting any further.
    By:  Ed Singletary
    Clovis,New Mexico
    The large CCK slicer came in the box very sharp. After about ten minutes on a fine Norton bench stone it can slice completely across a sheet of newspaper with snagging. If you are not a pro I highly reccomend watching the many U tube videos on how to use a Chinese Cleaver. If you hold it forward of the handle it handles like a dream. Although it is very different I enjoy using it every bit as much as my Wusthof 10 inch chefs knife. I like the large size and enjoy using it over my Dexter= Russel Chinese cleaver. The CCK is a no none sense tool for cutting. A tool for doing lots of cutting.

    By:  Steve
    I’ve recently acquired a 1303 (small slicer) and 1103 (large slicer),and have found the 1103 to be the superior tool. It weighs 50% more (15 vs 10 ounces,rounded),and performs at a much higher level. The 1303 may have a niche for smaller users (cooking together with gf) or finer cuts,but I find myself using the 1103 90% of the time,grinning uncontrollably all the while. I love them both,but recommend the large slicer if you must choose.
    By:  Michael Bartley
    Los Angeles,CA
    Great Cleaver!!! I have a Sugimoto #7 and a Moritaka Cleaver,and I still reach for this one. Great profile and really thin behind the edge
    By:  Steve S.
    One additional observation here- the blade literally sings when it slices,and is being sharpened. Musical and highly functional,slicer perfection,even at the significantly increased price!

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    CCK Large Slicer

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