5 Pc Sharpening Set
5 Pc Sharpening Set
5 Pc Sharpening Set

5 Pc Sharpening Set

Item #: Best 500 Best 1.2 Rika
Our Price: $139.95(You Save: $30.05)
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This is the top selling sharpening set on our site and for good reason. Each of these 3 stones that make up this set are good quality and reasonably priced and easy to use. The Beston 500 is fast and consistent and does a nice job with setting a bevel and getting a burr. It will also work to remove chips and fix broken tips. The Bester 1.2K stone is is consistent and the perfect stone to progress from the Beston and an ideal stone to lead into the final finishing stone in this set, the Suehiro Rika 5K. This Rika stone is one of our favorites. It's creamy smooth and provides a great final edge on your knives. These stones all require a short soak before use. Also included are a couple of our best sharpening accessories, the 20x pocket magnifier loupe and a hard felt deburring block.

  • Beston 500
  • Bester 1.2K
  • Suhiro Rika 5K
  • 20X Pocket Magnifier
  • Rock Hard Deburring Block
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