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Edge Pro 2000 Grit Polish Tapes - Click to enlarge
Edge Pro 2000 Grit Polish Tapes
Item #2000 EP Polish Tapes
Regular price:$9.00
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1 Pack of 15 2000 Grit Polish Tapes.
Average rating is 4.5
By:  James
EP film was put onto new blank next day . It responded fast to final hone step on 2 knives. I am pleased with this.
By:  David Rogers
Oak View,Ca
2000 grit tape cleaned up after the 1000 stone in only a few strokes on my edge pro apex. Gives a substantial increase in the shine,remember to use light pressure and the only negative is the tapes do not last long. To me,that isn’t a big deal,they are sacrificial tapes,to gain a superficial gloss or mirror effect on the edge of a knife. I have polished about 6 knives and used 3 tapes.

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Edge Pro 2000 Grit Polish Tapes

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