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Yahiko White #2 Nashiji Gyuto 240mm
Yahiko White #2 Nashiji Gyuto 240mm Yahiko White #2 Nashiji Gyuto 240mmYahiko White #2 Nashiji Gyuto 240mm
Yahiko White #2 Nashiji Gyuto 240mm Yahiko White #2 Nashiji Gyuto 240mmYahiko White #2 Nashiji Gyuto 240mm

Yahiko White #2 Nashiji Gyuto 240mm

Item #: YWN-G240

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We are very excited about the new line of kitchen knives that are being made for CKTG under the Yahiko brand name. Our quest for a comprehensive range of knives that incorporate various steels and techniques took us to Sanjo City. There we found a few well known blacksmiths who are now making these great knives for us.

The Nashiji line is made from the high carbon steel known as Hitachi White Paper #2. This steel is a good choice for kitchen knives as it can be heat-treated very hard, and responds very well to various thermal cycles. The alloy has great wear resistance while edge stability is very high. The inner core of White #2 is protected with a layer of soft stainless steel. The outer cladding is applied in the san-mai style in which the spine and cutting edge are left exposed. The outer layer is then given a very attractive nashiji finish, so named for its resemblance to pear skin.

This is a classic mid-length gyuto with a really nice profile: flat at the back 2/3 before curving into a gentle belly towards the fine tip. Blade height is middle of the road at 48mm. A well-made octagonal ho wood handle with buffalo horn ferrule completes this very well presented package.

We think these new Yahiko knives are among the top 10% of all knives we carry. Initial reactions to them seem to confirm this. Highly recommended.

  • Weight: 6.2 ounces
  • Blade Length: 245 mm
  • Total Length: 390 mm
  • Spine Thickness at Base: 4.4 mm
  • Blade Height: 48.4 mm

  • Customer Reviews

    Product Reviews

    5  Splendid knif, December 5, 2018
    Posted By: Jbart65

    I like the Yahiko Nashiji so much ... I bought two of them.

    I got my first one perhaps a year and a hallf ago. Right out of the box it impressed. Great edge, thin tip, better looking than I expected, very good fit and finish. Given the name of the real smith in Sanjo it should not surprise.

    The Nashiji is one of the flatter knives on CKTG. Superb chopper and pusher. It can do some light rocking, but itís not a Takefu style all-rounder. What this knife does well it does exceedingly well.

    Now itís not a laser. Between a light weight and middleweight. It handles most ingredients with aplomb, though donít expect it to slice through whole, hard root vegetables like soft tofu. Still, It can be used with enough force to do the job and to do it well.

    I also find this knife very comfortable in the hand and easy going to use. I canít say that about every knife on CKTG. Highly recommended.

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    5  Superb performer, November 5, 2017
    Posted By: Christopher Willett - verified customer
    2 people found this review helpful

    This is my first knife in this size range and it has taken a little getting used to: Both the physically larger dimensions and the high performance of the blade. I bought this knife for several reasons: It had a long flat spot toward the heal, the geometry of the tip, and the aethetics of the knife. The length of the blade and the long flat spot helps with chopping, as does the thick spine at the handle. However there is a gentle curve toward the tip, which helps with rocking. The blade thins down significantly toward the tip which makes for a surprisingly deft feel and aids in simple things like the parallel cuts on a three way dice of an onion. The size of the knife is a great asset in such diverse tasks such as shredding cabbage or portioning larger cuts of fish (king salmon season just ended here). Cutting up winter squash or pumpkin is a lot easier with a knife this size, but it also excels at chopping herbs or mincing scallions. In short, the knife really shines with a wide variety of tasks. There are some things that it has difficulty with, such as potatoes (the size) or small bits of meat (ditto). This gyuto and my nakiri handle 90% of cutting tasks.The looks of the blade really are fantastic. I like the nashiji finish, which is more textured and overt than on, say, a Masakage Yuki. The cladding line is significant and really cool looking in an aggressive sort of way. There is a long finished section between the cladding line and the nashiji that gives a sort of frosted look. The handle is excellent, primarily due to a rougher finish that helps with grip, and seems to be of better quality than other Japanese knives I have from CKTG. Food release is ok, but not exceptional. No wedging issues: The blade slices clean rather than breaking stiff product like carrot or celery root. The cladding does not seem to be full stainless as I've gotten some rust spots near the blade-handle junction where I've been sloppy in drying the blade. A patina is forming rapidly on the core steel as well, seemingly faster than with other knives.The out of the box edge was the best of any knife I've gotten from CKTG. I used it for a few days and since then have been maintaining the edge with a balsa strop with 1 micron paste and a leather strop. After a month of use I tuned up the edge on a Rika 5k followed by a Kitayama 8k followed by the strops. As such, I would rate the edge retention as excellent. My wife is not gentle with knifes (pumpkin carving with it while I napped), but there were only a few micro chips in it after a month of use. My Yuki petty (also White 2) sees far less use, but needs to be sharpened (1k->5k, etc) more frequently. The edge retention is more similar to my nakiri (Blue 2) than to the Yuki.I am very happy with the knife and would recommend it to anyone looking for a knife in this size range. I have had some difficulty in adjusting to the size of the knife: My work area is 2 ft by 2ft and our kitchen is small. My 165mm nakiri is a lot easier to manipulate, but has problems with certain kinds of product. Both knives together form a great combination. I am impressed with the edge retention for the class of steel and it is easy to maintain a scary edge on the blade. Highly recommended.

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