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Home > Knife Types > Gyutos > Gyutos 240mm > Wa Gyutos 240mm > Tanaka Blue #2 Sekiso Gyuto 240mm Custom
Tanaka Blue #2 Sekiso Gyuto 240mm Custom
Tanaka Blue #2 Sekiso Gyuto 240mm Custom Tanaka Blue #2 Sekiso Gyuto 240mm CustomTanaka Blue #2 Sekiso Gyuto 240mm CustomTanaka Blue #2 Sekiso Gyuto 240mm Custom
Tanaka Blue #2 Sekiso Gyuto 240mm Custom Tanaka Blue #2 Sekiso Gyuto 240mm CustomTanaka Blue #2 Sekiso Gyuto 240mm CustomTanaka Blue #2 Sekiso Gyuto 240mm Custom

Tanaka Blue #2 Sekiso Gyuto 240mm Custom

Item #: C3503

Average Customer Rating:
(4.5 out of 5 based on 9 reviews)

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Our Price: $350.00
We know the 240mm gyuto is the most popular choice for discerning home cooks, and Tanaka brings us a great one in the Sekiso Damascus version shown here. The beautiful Damascus cladding is made of soft, ductile iron to extend the life of your sharpening stones, and the Aogami #2 or blue paper #2 core steel will take really well to them (not that the visits will be all too frequent). With a Rockwell Hardness of 60, the edge will hold for substantially longer than any stainless steel Western blade could boast.

This knife is pretty lightweight with a really well ground convex blade, as Steve will tell you in the video below. Pairing this knife with the 135mm or 150mm petty from this line would create a great tag team on your cutting board and not leave you wanting for performance, quality, or raw visual appeal. This knife has a beautiful custom handle that adds to the stunning look of the blade.

  • Blacksmith: Shigeki Tanaka
  • Location: Miki Japan
  • Construction: San Mai, Hammer Forged
  • Cladding: Damascus
  • Edge Steel: Blue #2
  • Engraving: Hand Engraved
  • Weight: 7.0 oz / 200g
  • Blade Length: 244 mm
  • Overall Length: 380 mm
  • Thickness at Heel: 3.2 mm
  • Blade Height at Heel: 55.0 mm
  • Handle: Custom as pictured

  • Customer Reviews

    Product Reviews

    5  Worth a 2nd review!, November 30, 2018
    Posted By: Mark Kirkwood

    After using this guy for a while, I'd like to add an addendum to my initial review. So once I got the burrs etc ground off and used + sharpened it several times a few things because obvious. Firstly - it is amazingly easy to sharpen and keeps its edge well. Secondly, it does not patina much - which is very pleasant! And thirdly it cuts amazingly well! And finally it has a most unusual geometry, missed by Steve (and me too): the *right* side of the blade is convex ground, but the *left* is flat - completely flat. I like this, it seems to make it cut amazingly well and finely slice. However this is clearly a right hand bias. Nonetheless, I'm loving this knife (I'm right handed note)!

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    4  Fantastic knife marred by not great finish, July 24, 2018
    Posted By: Mark Kirkwood

    After looking at trying out a fully carbon steel (or steel/iron) knife I decided on this guy. Now this is my favourite knife - real nice convex grind, good French/gyuto profile plus balance and great OOB edge! Also looks fantastic with subtle damascus patterning. I was wary about the handle and was prepared to re-handle it, but actually I like it - the 'D' shape is great and the blade is actually set into the handle leaning left - so is perfectly optimized for righties. So why only 4 stars? Sigh, fit and finish - or more precisely finish. The fit is great...but the spine had several 0.5 mm nicks/tool marks on it at the handle and the choil was very rough. Quite a lot of sanding was required! I contrast this to a Harukaze knife I have (similar price and metals) that has no rough edges. Maybe it is not a big deal - I still love the knife, but it would be pretty easy to check and fix this stuff before assembly! On a happier note I sharpened it on a 8000 grit Naniwa stone and - wow - it was sharp before but is just insane now. Fabulous knife, just fix the fit. Thx.

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    5  10yrs and goin, December 9, 2017
    Posted By: Joseph - verified customer

    I bought one 10yrs ago or so and it's still going strong, edge profile is nice, stays sharp for a while, choil and spine were a bit sharp but no biggie. Overall it's a great knife for the price

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    4  I'd rather go with Tanaka KU line, July 3, 2016
    Posted By: Nameless Stranger - verified customer

    General feel: 4Ease of sharpening: 4+ (gets a wicked edge wickedly fast)Edge retention: 4+ (no noticeable decrease of sharpness after at least 10 onions, several carrots, potatoes...)Wedging: 3+ (the thing is a workhorse, convex grind)Food stickiness: 3 (nothing remarkable)Profile: 3 (not a big fan of the heel and low distal taper)

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    4  Gran bel coltello, molto affilato e versatile, December 2, 2014
    Posted By: Gabriele - verified customer

    Sharp blade, aesthetic phenomenal, only minus the handle raw unpolished which tends to retain odors. Remember to always dry the knife after washing and oil it before putting it back in its place.Lama sffilatissima, estetica fenomenale, unica pecca il manico grezzo non levigato che tende a trattenere gli odori.Ricordate di asciugare sempre la lama dopo il lavaggio e di oliarla prima di riporlo al suo posto.

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    4  Product Review, June 7, 2013
    Posted By: EZ - verified customer

    Beautiful Blue Steel blade and nice otb edge but this one is gonna need some extra care to turn it into what it has potential to be. The handle is gonna need to be replaced , the one on it is porous, oddly shaped and meant for some 25 dollar hack piece. Some complain of poor grinds though I really didn't see much worth a fuss. Definitely not a lazer and profile is tallish. I cant comment much on longevity or edge retention because mine is out getting a new handle but it showed promise with the brief usage and I am excited to get it back. With an extra 100 or so dollars put into this piece you will have something really special.

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    5  Product Review, January 18, 2013
    Posted By: Gary - verified customer

    Awesome blade great edge and edge retention. I use it everyday and holds a great edge!

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    5  Product Review, February 16, 2011
    Posted By: Per-Ola Bjorn - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    Fantastic knife, like the two other Tanakas I have. Exteeeeeeeemly sharp and very beautiful. A very useful piese of art !!

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    4  Product Review, October 29, 2010
    Posted By: Prod - verified customer

    Sharpes knife i have ever held in my hand.. Only downside with this brilliant knife is that the steel blade rusts quite fast if the blade is not dryied quickly and oiled in with vegetable oil or vaseline.. But still the knife looks amazingly nice and is lightweighted..

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