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Takeda Classic Gyuto 240mm Medium
Takeda Classic Gyuto 240mm Medium Takeda Classic Gyuto 240mm MediumTakeda Classic Gyuto 240mm MediumTakeda Classic Gyuto 240mm Medium
Takeda Classic Gyuto 240mm MediumTakeda Classic Gyuto 240mm MediumTakeda Classic Gyuto 240mm MediumTakeda Classic Gyuto 240mm Medium

Takeda Classic Gyuto 240mm Medium

Item #: TakedaAS-Gyuto240

Average Customer Rating:
(4.5 out of 5 based on 10 reviews)

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Our Price: $380.00
One of our best selling knives on the site, this Takeda classic 240mm gyuto occupies the sweet spot for many professional and serious amateur chefs. Takeda-san makes his gyutos slightly taller than others of its type. As such, this blade is a perfect tool for those looking for a bit more finger clearance between handle and board.

It’s difficult not to gush about this knife maker and his iconic blades. Shosui Takeda has earned his enviable reputation through years of hard work and study, the net result being a comprehensive line of traditional Japanese knives that are as beautiful to look at as they are rewarding to work with. His forging and hardening methods have taken Aogami Super steel to a level matched by few others. His eye for geometry and grind are likewise sometimes equaled but rarely bettered.

This is one heck of a gyuto! Light and thin. Hard and fast. A knife not to be toyed with. A knife that would and should occupy pride of place in anyone’s roll or block searching for a super sharp, durable, and finely crafted kitchen implement.

Please note that all measurements are approximations! Takeda-san and his helpers make each of these knives by hand, without a template. As a result, every knife is unique and the stats will vary.

  • Blacksmith: Takeda San
  • Location: Niimi Japan
  • Construction: Hammer Forged, San Mai
  • Edge Steel: Aogami Super Steel
  • Cladding: Soft Iron
  • Finish: Kurouchi
  • Handle: Stained Maple Octagonal
  • Ferrule: Black Pakka Wood
  • Size and Height: They vary from knife to knife.
  • Edge Grind: Even 50/50
  • Weight: 6.6 ounces
  • Blade Length: 250 mm (9.75")
  • Overall Length: 390 mm (15.25")
  • Thickness at Heel: 2.8 mm
  • Blade Height: 60.0 mm

  • Customer Reviews


    10 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      Fantastic primary knife if you're willing to care for it., September 23, 2019
    Posted By: Josh Stevens - verified customer

    Beautiful knife, quite thin, flexible, versatile. When I leave my knife roll at the restaurant, this one covers all my bases at home.

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      Re-review after a few more years, August 12, 2019
    Posted By: Wood

    I reviewed this knife a few years ago giving it only 3 stars. I'd like to change that. I've now had this knife well over 6 years. Most of the the black is gone from contact with my knuckles. After all this time, it still sharpens easily, Holds its edge longer than any of my other knives, is handy no matter the task, breaking down chicken, proteins, veg, harder things like squash, brunnoise apples, you name it. I even caught a very young and very irresponsible kitchen hand cutting a soda can. He cried that day. It has taken all the abuse in stride and has easily become my favorite knife. If I could only have one knife for the rest of my career, this would be it.

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      Awesome Knife, February 2, 2019
    Posted By: Mark - verified customer

    finest knife i've held. amazingly sharp and balanced.

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      It's The One With The Heart On It, September 19, 2018
    Posted By: Mike - verified customer

    Service was excellent.......I have the sharpening service added and the knife came sharper than any blade I have ever owned. The staff filled a couple requests I had and the shipping box was well packed and shipping was fast. The knife itself came like some others have mentioned.....a little crooked........I straightened it out with little problem and I expect this is kind of normal with this maker and this size knife. My knife measures a tad over 10 inches in blade length......balance is right on the heart is amazing to use and behold....all knife people need to own at least on Takeda.

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      Takeda 240mm classic, April 30, 2018
    Posted By: bruce L. Dotter - verified customer

    we have used and like the knife, It may be (perhaps) too long, or at least it is taking some getting used to. I would like it if it were heavier, my wife, however thinks it is "okay". I will order another!

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      A pro's dream knife. , June 14, 2017
    Posted By: Doug - verified customer

    I am a working professional in a very small VERY high volume kitchen. While I use five different knives throughout the week (Deba, petty, Nakiri, Sujihiki, and gyuto) I generally only have two knives at the ready. A 150mm petty and a gyuto. I ordered this knife because I have wanted one for over a year, and the website said there was 'ONE LEFT!' on payday. In two days I have used the knife to prep for four services, and the only other blade that makes me feel so confident when cutting at a very rapid pace is my Anryu Nakiri. That is saying something. The knife is designed to last a career... literally purposely and thoughtfully designed to last as close to forever as a knife can. It is very tall, and scandi ground with no secondary bevel. This makes it incredibly easy to sharpen or strop, and gives you a lot of steel to sharpen away. The forging is so thin, that you may never have to thin the blade in the entire time you own it, just lay it on the stone and polish it up. The heat treat is very forgiving, as I've seen no chipping on the OE sharpening after two days hard use. That is almost unheard of with heat treats over 60hrc, let alone knives that are scandi ground with no secondary bevel. The negative is that the edge will ding or knick fairly easily, but that can be corrected quickly with a strop. The knife is weighted forward of the pich, which is good, because chopping and push cutting are rewarded techniques. I've found roll cutting, or locomotive rocking to be nearly impossible, because the knife is so sharp and thin that it will stick right into the cutting board... even poly. The profile is a continuous curve which is amazingly effective for wrist hinged chopping techniques as the blade rolls forward naturally as you chop. This knife has a love/hate response from users, and for me it is nothing but hearts, like the kanji says it will be.

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      Love it, May 12, 2017
    Posted By: George - verified customer

    Wrote a whole review singing its' praises. This site lost it all and sucks balls but awesome knife.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Everything it is supposed to be., February 14, 2017
    Posted By: Geoff - verified customer

    I have wanted this knife for a long time to see if it was all it was said to be and it is. I have a knife for every job and every day of the week and I am still impressed. I have konosukes, shibatas, kohetsus, a richmond 240 laser, kudodoris, the list goes on. This thing is a beast. Im a big guy so knuckle clearance is a plus. Food release amazing. I finished sharpened it but otb it was great, nice fit and finish. Don't wait as long as I did add it to your kit now. The shipping was amazing too; two days to florida -Thank you mark for that.

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      Beautiful blade, July 25, 2016
    Posted By: Rodrigo Batista - verified customer

    Razor sharp OOTB (arm hair test). I believe customers get different results from first time of trying it due to the fact that they're all handmade start to end. Super tall which I find amazing for knuckle clearance and it helps with taking ingredients from chopping board to wherever you want.I heard it has a great edge retention. Not sure if I'm putting this to hard work as I also heard Takeda is not making AS anymore so I might use it every now and then and try to keep this one more as a collector's piece.CKTG services: still didn't find anyone as good with range of specialized cutlery products and customer service as Mark.

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      good, but not as good as I had hoped, February 19, 2016
    Posted By: wood - verified customer

    I have had this knife for a little over 3 years. When I first opened the box, it was fantastic and quite sharp. The spine had a little bit of an arc to it, but the edge was straight. After about 1 month of daily use i got a chip in the blade while cutting cabbage. Mark, being awesome, sent the knife to someone to have a new edge put on it free of charge. I was back in business. The good: the steel is great. It holds an edge well, and doesn't require near the care that my white

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