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Kurosaki Laser AS Gyuto 240mm
Kurosaki Laser AS Gyuto 240mm Kurosaki Laser AS Gyuto 240mmKurosaki Laser AS Gyuto 240mmKurosaki Laser AS Gyuto 240mm
Kurosaki Laser AS Gyuto 240mm Kurosaki Laser AS Gyuto 240mmKurosaki Laser AS Gyuto 240mmKurosaki Laser AS Gyuto 240mm

Kurosaki Laser AS Gyuto 240mm

Item #: KurosakiLaser240

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Our Price: $279.95
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CKTG Gyuto Saya B 240mm
Usually ships the same business day
We're updating the name of these knives from the Richmond Laser to the Kurosaki Laser to give proper credit to the man who makes these excellent knives. The blades of the AS Lasers are constructed using the san-mai method of cladding. In this case, a softer stainless steel is used to encase the hard AS steel which protects it from damage and corrosion. The AS hagane is hardened to 63 HRC which gives the blade the ability to take and hold a super sharp edge.

Hitachi Metals Ltd. is well known as the manufacturer of “Yasuki Hagane” YSS (Yasuki Specialty Steel) which is used a lot in the cutlery industry. Yasuki Hagane steel is produced in their plant in Shimane prefecture in Japan. This high quality iron has been employed in the making of traditional Japanese swords since ancient times. There are three main premium grade high carbon steels (Shirogami, Aogami and Aogami Super) that are used for making Japanese field as kitchen knives. AS is the highest grade steel in this product line, containing high percentages of carbon and chrome to increase hardness, improve edge retention and aid in corrosion resistance.

The edge profile of this gyuto is quite flat with a little belly. The blade height is about average for this type of knife. It has a really nice balance with the included rosewood octagonal handle, at just about the pinch grip area. The gyuto can be supplied with a simple saya for protection and storage.

  • Weight: 6 ounces
  • Blade Length: 243 mm
  • Overall Length: 395 mm
  • Spine Thickness at Base: 3.5 mm
  • Blade Height: 51.1 mm
  • Handle Style: octagonal
  • Handle Wood: rosewood
  • Ferrule: black pakkawood
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    Product Reviews

    5  Love It, July 25, 2016
    Posted By: Christopher Ritenour

    Read 100\'s of reviews before purchasing my first gyuto. Purchased this knife, and have loved working with it in my home kitchen. Comfortable grip, great balance, and holds a fantastic edge.

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    5  This one crushes them all., July 25, 2016
    Posted By: Mr. Z

    I've owned, and still own, knives from every major knife hub on earth... and this one crushes them all. In a professional kitchen this is my go to every day knife. It can do everything from butchering primal cuts of meat to making vegetables seem as if they weren't even there. This knife will make short work of whatever you put under its gorgeous blade. The pattern the patina takes on the lowest edge of the blade is beautiful and adds unique character to each knife. This is the best purchase you can make on this or any other website. You'll regret it if you pass this one up.

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    5  Richmond laser AS 240 gyuto, November 19, 2014
    Posted By: Richy

    I've had this for a few weeks now and it is unbelievable!! only needs the odd strop and away you go, outstanding edge retention and OOB sharpness is excellent (a lot of arm hair is now missing). I definitely recommend this knife to any chef, i use it for all prep and service and by the end of the week its still ridiculously sharp. Excellent f&f, the handle is perfect and looks stunning!! for this price you will not find a better knife and it's worth a lot more than it's being sold for!! great work mark!!! also shipping is as always super fast, took a week to get into my hands, all the way to Australia!!!

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    5  Product Review, August 11, 2014
    Posted By: Jeff H - verified customer

    Have had the AS for about 3 weeks. My other main Gyuto is a Tsakai Yusuki in Swedish Stainless. I am a home cook who likes tools and knives. The Yusuki is thinner behind the edge (slightly), and thinner overall. The AS is also noticbly heavier than the Yusuki by about an ounce.
    F&F of the knife is really good, but did not have quite the F&F of the Yusuki. Spine is straigt cut and needed to be rounded. Choil is rough and has some grind marks and was sharp OOB. Some sand paper helped both, but it needs a lot more elbow grease to get the blade super-comfy for a choked pinch grip. Tip of blade is super thin, and easy to do detail work.
    Handle is thinner (not as large in diameter) as most of my other wa handle knives, but I actually like the look and the feel of the smaller handle. The overall heft of the knife definitely helps get the knife to glide through veggies.
    Cladding scratches easily but obviously is cosmetic and does not affect performance. If this is a work knife, you won't care anyway....
    I volunteered for a Japanese Bazzar doing veg prep. No extra finish work on the factory edge out of the box other then a quick strop with .5micron diamond. I went through about 120-140 lbs of zucchini (assuming here that each box was about 30 pounds and I did about 5 boxes). Blade in first half of job sailed through. By the end slightly more effort but still easy push cut while cutting a LONG bias across the zuc so the tempura would have a giant slab of veggie. Very happy. Upon getting home the cutting edge had bent over a bit since I was banging through against a poly board as fast as I could go and still be consistent. A quick hit on a Mac ceramic rod straightening things right up and all is good. I assume if I did that midway through I could have kept the edge at 9/10ths with very little effort.
    I'm very happy with the knife, well worth the $ and honestly, the handle that comes on it, does not need an upgrade unless you want it blingy-er. For $60-$120 for a rehandle at current rates, this knife comes really well spec'ed and a GREAT value (most people would think it nuts to call a $220 knife a great value). Buy with zero reservations.

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    4  Product Review, July 21, 2014
    Posted By: Doug - verified customer

    Have been using the Richmond AS Laser 240 in a working kitchen for a couple weeks now. No signs of chipping or any other damage. I broke a mm or two off the tip, and simply reprofiled the blade from the spine side. Repair came out great, and the knife just eats prep alive. With a good edge on it, it is thin enough for meat slicing too. I think this might be the best overall value blade on this site.

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    5  Product Review, July 5, 2014
    Posted By: Doug - verified customer

    I was very excited when the mailman approached. I've been holding off on replacing my 10 Shun Classic VG-10 chefs knife, because well, I love it. It's still very pretty, and very functional. It's seen years of battle in my home kitchen, and at work in two pro kitchens. It's a great knife. But after 20 minutes prepping tonight's veggies for a family dinner. I will say that this is the sharpest out of the box edge I've ever seen on a knife of this size. I've never used one of the very high end custom blades, or Gyuto's from some of the historic smiths, but I can't see how much better it can get out of the box. It sticks in PE boards, and even my wood composite board. Might have to upgrade and make myself a nice maple end grain block one of these days. Length is spot on. Spine is thick at the hilt, and that's a good thing. Tapers immediately and holds what looks like right around 2mm out to where the grind sweeps upwards toward the tip. The convex grind is excellent, and this knife flys through the wettest potatoes without any more than the first slice sticking. Behind the edge it's as thin as some petty knives, the dark handle and light tiger maple ferrule are striking and the octagonal shape is excellent in my large palmed short fingered hands. I was worried that 240mm was going to feel short coming from a 10 (~260mm) Chef style blade, but the flatter but continuous curve edge works like a longer knife. The Shun has a more Eurocentric blade shape, with a big belly and long flat spot for tip down push rocking, the gyuto blade shape feels much more versatile. Fit and finish is excellent, and the blade is very handsome. No fears about crush peeling garlic the blade has just enough flex for peeling, but is stiff enough that it's not scary. With Aogami Super at the core, I am very excited to get a mirror polish on this edge, and let it go to town on prep. Saya is unfinished, which is fantastic, because I am a wood stain artist. It will soon have a very nice summer tree on one side, and a winter tree scene on the other.

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    5  Product Review, February 26, 2014
    Posted By: J.K. - verified customer

    Fantastic knife. Absolutely a dream to use for line work. I prep through several hundred pounds of veggies, meats, and fruits a week. It has performed better than any knife I've ever used. Get one, you will not be disappointed.

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    5  Product Review, May 30, 2013
    Posted By: Nicolay Adinaguev - verified customer

    This knife is fantastic, truly a workhorse and a clear winner of the best knife I have ever owned. Ive owned Kikuichi, Moritaka, Mac, Tojiro, Masamoto, Togigaru and nothing touches the performance and construction of this knife. As a matter of fact I plan on purchasing every knife in this line at some point, and hope Mark makes a few more knife styles in this series. As always Chef Knives To Go got it here promptly and in perfect shape. This knife holds a ridiculous edge and holds it longer than any other knife I've ever owned, I'm very happy. Just to make it clear I'm a working chef, this knife is used all day 6 days a week and performs to all tasks I apply it to.

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    5  Product Review, March 21, 2013
    Posted By: Chef Jeff - verified customer

    This is far and away my favorite knife. I have had it for a month and held off putting a review in until it had some serious use. Out of the box it was great. Since then I have touched it up on 5000 and 8000 water stones twice. It is absolutely a dream to use.

    It is very thin behind the edge, and light, so calling it a laser is not advertising hype. There is a visible core of AOS steel that runs from edge to spine. This knife gets so sharp I can feel it bite into the surface of my end-grain maple cutting board. It goes through harder veggies, like carrots and potatoes, and they just fall away from the blade.

    The blade gets super-sharp and stays that way longer than any other knife I have. I love it. Do yourself a favor and get yourself one.

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    5  Product Review, February 23, 2013
    Posted By: Peter - verified customer

    Over the past 25 years I have used 4 different sets of knives almost all German - good and solid. Over the years, I have left these behind and moved on with the next set. Presently, I am acquiring my next set of knives via CKTG with a variety of Japanese Knives and several of the Richmond knives. The first Richmond to arrive is the Laser Aogami Super Gyuto 240 which arrived Friday February 22, 2013. It came perfectly packed and super sharp out of the box. The fit and finish are top notch first class high quality. I ran it through the standard produce - onion, carrots, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, and apples. A true joy to use. Almost silent at times - the silence spoke loudly. My girlfriend heard nothing from the next room. All the produce in the frig was prepared and she did not know it. I am really happy with this knife and its quality and performance. I recently have picked up a number of knives from CKTG and this now ranks at the top of the list. I probably should have ordered 2 and not 1 - since it looks like these are already out of stock. At times while using this knife I thought about going to the local grocery stores and volunteering to help people prepare their produce with this knife. Forget about my kitchen - this needs to be in many restaurant kitchens and home kitchens. This one is really a MASTER ACTION knife and it is so smooth and quiet just like the video by the KnifeFanatic. I liked this knife so much that I proceeded to pick up the 2 Petty versions at 150 and 165 the same day this 240 Gyuto arrived. I can not wait to receive the 2 Petty knives and run them through the paces. Get these knives while you can - because these are really really excellent quality knives and a very reasonable price. Well designed with some of the best available steel. Exceptional value for the money. Mark - this is a superb knife - it will probably be a best seller sometime this year in 2013 and very popular with everyone who likes to prepare food and use really extra fine cutlery. True competition in the knife market is good for all of us who are chefs (home, restaurant, amateur, professional, etc.) or who like using the best cutlery. Crystal clearly, with the Richmond Laser Aogami Super line up the market for exceptional cutlery - in an instant - may have gotten a smaller. I am certain that there have been a countless number of contributors via various knife forums including the CKTG forum who have shared knife knowledge and steel knowledge to continue and strive toward improving all things knives - materials, shapes, sizes, steel, etc. I think this type of collaboration results in a top notch high quality knife product like the Richmond Laser Aogami Super line up. I along with many other chefs will now be the true beneficiaries - very happily - and I want to thank all of the contributors to this excellent product. Mark, thank you for listening to most everyone in the knife world and making this fine cutlery and bringing this exceptional knife to the market. I think there will be numerous happy chefs in kitchens around the world using the Richmond Laser Aogami Super 240 Gyuto - and probably followed shortly by the Petty. Thanks for putting a smile on my face with this knife - really fun to use. The video by the KnifeFanatic says it all! Mark, I hope you will be able to keep up with the demand for the Richmond Laser Aogami Super line up. I highly recommend this knife - buy it and have fun with THE MASTER ACTION GYUTO !

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