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Boron Carbide Emulsion

Boron Carbide Emulsion

Boron Carbide Emulsion is available in half micron, 1 micron and 2 microns or 30k, 16k, and 8k grit. This Boron Carbide is of the same very high concentration as the CBN product. It is less expensive than the CBN and not quite as hard as CBN, but is a cost effective solution for many applications. The emulsion formulation is water soluble, so it can be used directly on waterstones to increase their abrasiveness on more abrasion resistant steels and is also formulated to work well on nanocloth, kangaroo, horse and cow leather as well as powered applications such as leather and linen belts on grinders. This emulsion formulation has excellent grab for powered applications, keeping it from coming off of moving belts. Best applied using a glove to maximize spread so there is no waste. Just a couple drops are all you need. This is of the highest quality available.

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