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Muneyoshi Knives

Muneyoshi Knives

Muneyoshi knives are made by Mr. Suzuki of Suzuki Uchi-Hamono Seisakusho ( Uchi means forging, Hamono means cutlery and Seisakusho means a manufacturer ) in Yamagata-City, Yamagata-Prefecture. They are originally a manufacturer of Japanese Sickles. Their specialty is forging Hitachi Carbon steels like Shirogami#2 and Aogami #2 and they clad with soft iron. They started making kitchen knives by using the same clad steel mainly to supply in the area, where a single edge is popular even in Nakiri & Santoku. One of the remarkable features of the Nakiris is that it has a spine looks like a backbone which works to reinforce the blade. These are cool and interesting knives that you can't find outside of Japan. We're happy to bring them to you and introduce you to these unique blades.

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