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Kurosaki AS Gyuto 270mm
Kurosaki AS Gyuto 270mm Kurosaki AS Gyuto 270mmKurosaki AS Gyuto 270mmKurosaki AS Gyuto 270mm
Kurosaki AS Gyuto 270mmKurosaki AS Gyuto 270mmKurosaki AS Gyuto 270mmKurosaki AS Gyuto 270mm

Kurosaki AS Gyuto 270mm

Item #: KurosakiASGyuto270

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(5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews)

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Our Price: $270.00
The Kurosaki AS Gyuto 270mm is made from Aogami Super, or Super Blue. This high carbon alloy has several additional elements which give the steel an ability to take a very acute edge angle and hold that edge better than many other popular carbon steels. It also scores highly in the easy-to-sharpen category. Many makers and users regard it as the pinnacle of carbon steels.

Kurosaki laminates this core steel with a softer stainless steel to aid in corrosion prevention and allow for a more resilient blade. He leaves the outer layer with a kurouchi finish which adds that classic look while aiding in food release and further reducing maintenance.

We have an affinity for big knives and the Kurosaki AS Gyuto 270mm is certainly a big knife! But not an unwieldy one. In fact, the very fine blade and profile go together to create a knife that is nimble and easy to use. Of course, you will need a big cutting surface to get the best out of a knife this size. Given that, it is a blade fit for almost all uses. Whether you are chopping or slicing, using a long knife is a wonderful experience. The knife has a versatile profile with a sizable sweet spot for chopping, a gentle belly for rock cutting, and a thin pointed tip for detail work.

You simply have to see and hold this exquisite instrument to truly appreciate the many wonderful attributes that Kurosaki has built into this fine knife.

  • Weight: 7.8oz
  • Blade Length: 272mm
  • Total Length: 430mm
  • Spine Thickness at Base: 3.5mm
  • Blade Height: 53.2mm

  • Customer Reviews


    3 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      A great, nimble, laser-ish workhorse
    Posted By: Clifford Rosenberg

    This is an incredible knife. I am especially impressed by the profile and the grind. It has a couple of sweet spots, in the right places, one in the front third, another towards the heel. It's very thin behind the edge and performs superbly. It's light and nimble, closer to a laser than a workhorse in terms of feel. By the numbers this is not one of the harder AS heat treatments, but it takes a steep edge and holds it. I haven't had any chipping. I'd be wary of having this as my only knife as it feels a little fragile, but within it's scope it's one I keep reaching for, nimble enough to brunoise shallots, even as a 270, and fine for carrots, potatoes, and root vegetables. I'd stay away from squash. There is some convex, which helps with release, but no wedging or splitting carrots or apples.

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    Posted By: Charlie G

    After about 10 minutes on the stone, this was the sharpest I've ever gotten a knife.

    The pros: it's got an extremely thin edge, and a lot of room to go before you hit the cladding. It's well balanced, holds a good edge, and looks beautiful.

    The cons (minimal): My biggest one is the grind, it's great but not perfect. Things stick to this a little harder than my Masakage Yuki 270. It's noticeable, but that was also one of the best knives I've ever owned. Also, as listed in the pros, it has an EXTREMELY thin edge. I haven't had any problems, but it's not something I'd put through a beating if the going gets tough.

    End all: as far as performance goes, it's top tier for the price point, and the only knife I've owned that surpassed it didn't surpass it by much.

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      Great Knife
    Posted By: Jeff - verified customer

    Very well balanced - handles as light or lighter than my 210. Sharp OOB, very sharp with about 10 minutes work. Great fit and finish. Plenty of belly to rock and a lot of flat to chop, and is a monster for any prep tasks. Long and sharp enough to double as a slicer without a problem. I highly recommend

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