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Kurosaki AS Gyuto 240mm
Kurosaki AS Gyuto 240mm Kurosaki AS Gyuto 240mmKurosaki AS Gyuto 240mmKurosaki AS Gyuto 240mm
Kurosaki AS Gyuto 240mmKurosaki AS Gyuto 240mmKurosaki AS Gyuto 240mmKurosaki AS Gyuto 240mm

Kurosaki AS Gyuto 240mm

Item #: KurosakiASGyuto240

Average Customer Rating:
(5 out of 5 based on 9 reviews)

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Our Price: $250.00
This knife, made by Kurosaki-san, is made with top shelf Aogami Super steel. The finish is kurouchi and is nice and smooth on these blades. The steel is hardened to 62 Rockwell so they can take a steep edge and hold it well. What we really like about these particular knives is the grinds of the blades and the edges. Kurosaki-san does excellent grinds and the edges are nice and thin for great cutting performance. Care needs to be taken when using this knife to not use it on frozen foods or bones.

  • Weight: 6.6 ounces
  • Blade Length: 243 mm
  • Overall Length: 400 mm
  • Thickness at Heel: 3.7 mm
  • Blade Height: 51.9 mm
  • Handle: Rosewood Octagonal

  • Customer Reviews


    9 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      Got a beautiful tool for my kitchen Thank you CKTG!, June 28, 2020
    Posted By: CKL - verified customer

    Great knife, razor sharp out of the box, beautiful craftsmanship from Kurosaki san, so many options so I asked for a recommendation, Mark and the CKTG team came through with a great one, the gyuto exceeded my expectations, Thank you!

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      Amazing knife, April 2, 2020
    Posted By: Kelly - verified customer

    I work at a restaurant with very experienced chefs. My boyfriend loves to cook and really needed a good chefs knife. I was recommended this by my coworker and the knife is amazing. It's so insanely sharp, it slices like butter (so be extra careful with your fingers). The shape of the handle makes for a perfect grip. This knife is state of the art. I will definitely be ordering more from this site. One thing I learned is global, wustoff, shun (especially shun) are extremely overpriced and honestly crap. I was skeptical of the website name chefknivestogo lol. But my coworker promised he orders from here all the time. Shipped to my house in about 4 days I think? Anyways- amazing amazing knife. Will be ordering more! Thank you guys

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      Master Quality at a great price, July 11, 2017
    Posted By: Freddy - verified customer

    Great piece of craftmanship. The knife feels comfortable in hand, it has a nice weight but still has that laser feel to it. I own about 10 japanese chef knives, but this one is my most cherished. The edge retention is phenomenal, of course i like to keep my blades polished at all times, but you could easily go 2 or 3 months on this thing without taking it to a stone and it would still be pretty sharp. I think you will struggle to find a better knife at this price point .

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      Amazing work of Art!!!!, March 11, 2017
    Posted By: Mjallen08 - verified customer

    I don't normally do reviews, but thought I should on this one. I've only had it for few days but if you have been in a professional kitchen as long as I have you know good knifes when you use them. I've been on the site for just over a year now and since day one jsgillis86 has said up and down that this is one of his all around favorite knifes. Well I couldn't agree with him more. She is an absolutely beast of a knife. From just the short time using her, everything I threw at her last night and this morning she did not disappoint! I will give a more in detail review after a few months but If your looking for an all around great knife that does everything well. You will not be disappointed, you will be thanking us and mark for recommending this knife!!! Btw the f and f is top notch and the handle is one of the best non customs I've gotten on a knife by far!

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      Impressive pro knife, August 21, 2016
    Posted By: Jsgillis86 - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    I want you to imagine a balance between rustic and contemporary, ease of sharpening and edge retention, and durability and performance. Got it? Now take them all up a couple notches. What do you have? The Kurosaki AS KU.This knife has stood the test of time and become my day-to-day in a professional setting. She handles everything you can throw at her, not as immaculately as some I've come across, but well enough to impress you with her diversity and tough enough to handle it all with aplomb. If I'm walking into unknown territory, I know which knife will accompany me, andif I lost every knife I own tomorrow I know beyond all doubt which one I would purchase first.In my humble opinion, this is THE handmade knife for the western professional. From the finesse of prep to the war-torn line, she does it all, and well. Highly, highly recommend. Nicest non-custom handle I've seen to date too.

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      Love it!, July 9, 2016
    Posted By: Jeff B - verified customer

    The best knife in this price bracket. Excellent profile, geometry and fit and finish. Above average stock handle. The steel sharpens easily and it holds it's edge very well. A very durable and sturdy knife. A Kurosaki should be in every collection.

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      Pure performer, February 26, 2016
    Posted By: Felix CT - verified customer

    Transiting from German forged knives set and into the Kurosaki AS, I cant find a better word other than fascinating to describe the experience I have with this knife. Being new to Jknives, I am not going to elaborate too much on the OOTB sharpness, it is able to cut throw 90% of food, including cooked Chinese sausage, and small carrot with ease. What amazed me on this knife is the F&F. The impeccably made octagonal handle, the amazingly, well considered curved choil, in tandem with a slightly blade heavy characteristic strike the sweet spot between balance and agility. IMO, the Kurosaki is not a laser that would features in onion slicing and dicing competition, but it is the versatility, thanks to the grind that makes it shine. It gives me the confidence to go through anything from cabbage, onions, big carrot, daikan, lotus root, and proteins. It can handle neat tiny work, and certainly not afraid to confront dense and thick adversaries if needed, without any hesitation. My Kurosaki in particular, excels in draw cut and short push cut, while it also does quite well in chopping. The core steel is reactive though, it started right at the beginning and it manages to pick up a blue patina over the course of three weeks; that is with constant wipe down on wet and dry towels. Using the Kurosaki AS changes my board habit, not to mention it sharpens my skills. In short, it helps bring back the joy of prepping and makes cooking so much more enjoyable. Of course, it wouldnt be completed without Cody;s handy work. Thank you so much CKTG to bring in some of the finest Echizen crafts, Cheers.

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      Very nice looking knife, December 20, 2015
    Posted By: Msauce - verified customer

    This was my first knife that wasn't western or part of a box set. I spent a fair amount of time looking for something that looked knice, at least partially hand made, and was left hand friendly. The lattermost being the most important to me. With this blade i got all the without breaking my bank. I was unsure whether or not to add the saya to my bucket, but luckily i went ahead and went for it as it doesn't fit in my bladder cyber. The hand chuckled kanji isa we touch and that plus the darker steel just really gives this knife a nice rustic homemade feel, which it is. I see other things in life that are handmade but just look like everything else which defeats part of the purpose of choosing that production purpose in the first place. One thing that i am not particularly crazy about is the choil (? At least i think it's called the choil), the little rounded area beyond the handle is a bit sharp to me. I just wish it was a little bit more smoothed out, nothing big, just personal preference-not to mention it's an easy enough fix. I just could see it bothersome if i worked in a kitchen or regularly prepared large meals for lots of people, but again it's an easy fix. Maybe even chef knives to go would have done that for me if i asked knightly? Who knows. This was my 3rd time purchasing from them and first time for myself, and every time their customer service has been rock solid going above and beyond what is expected of a smaller outlet. Oh, right. The cutting. Well it blazed from my food like a laser so far. The edge out of the beautiful box has been fantastic. I would have liked something included that mentioned maintenance and cleaning specifics, blade angle, etc. Other than that i am thoroughly impressed with Kurosaki's work. I'll be buying more from him in the future. It's hard to believe ha is only in his early 30's, and i hope CKTG continue to sell his works of art for the foreseeable future. Lastly I'm so far impressed with the Aogami Super Steel.Note: 240mm did seem like a big blade though not too big when ordering, but after seeing it i would have been fine with a 210 or even 180. Though that's not too say it's TOO big. It still works out just fine, but hindsight is always crystal clear 270 on the other hand would be in uncontrollable beast. If you're unsure what size to go with and its just for your home kitchen go 210 or even less. Forgive any typos, this review box does not like mobile.

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      biggest surprise yet, September 19, 2015
    Posted By: Luke - verified customer

    I bought this knife along with 3 other gyutos, all out of simple curiosity. I'm so glad I did. The other gyutosoI no longer have. They were great performers, but nowhere close to this Kurosaki.This gyuto is one of The Best knives I have ever used. There is simply no way a knife should perform this well in this price range. I have been collecting knives for quite a while now, and can honestly say/price that this knife out performs, out classes some of the best (and more expensive) knives I've used over the years. This man kills it. The grind on mine is second to none. Seriously, this knife was on the exact same level as my Katos and Shigs, if not better. Maybe I got lucky with mine, but I bought another to offer as the prize for a chili cook off I hosted at one of my restaurants last winter. Several local chef's participated, all were impressed with this knife as well.This knife is a total sleeper. If had to k keep just one knife, this one would be it. Based off performance and such a great price (easily replaced if something were to happen), this knife has earned it's permanent residency in my knife kit.The only negative comment I have is the spine could have been eased/rounded more. The choil is rounded very nicely, the spine however is not. But this is such an easy fix.

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