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Konosuke White #2 Petty 150mm
Konosuke White #2 Petty 150mm Konosuke White #2 Petty 150mmKonosuke White #2 Petty 150mmKonosuke White #2 Petty 150mm
Konosuke White #2 Petty 150mm Konosuke White #2 Petty 150mmKonosuke White #2 Petty 150mmKonosuke White #2 Petty 150mm

Konosuke White #2 Petty 150mm

Item #: W2Petty150

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Konosuke Petty Saya 150mm
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Konosuke White #2 Petty 150mm

The Konosuke White #2 Petty 150mm is one of several new knives that constitute the new Konosuke White #2 Laser series. Many people own or know the popular Konosuke HD2 lasers. They are spoken about, debated and held in high esteem by many knife users.

This new line of White #2 blades echoes many of the HD2 attributes. It is a very thin and light knife. The grinds are impeccable. Fit and finish are as good as it gets. And once you slice into your first tomato, you will get it too! There is a reason they are called lasers.

Konosukeís HD2 blacksmiths laser cut the blade from Shirogami #2 steel which has been hardened to 61 HRC. Like itís HD2 sibling, it is a mono steel blade. It is fully reactive and requiring of the normal attention to cleaning and drying this steel demands.

The shape is pure petty, slim and finely pointed. It is the perfect knife for smaller items and an ideal choice for the preparation of garnishes and other delicate tasks. It is stiff and very nimble in hand and action. This is aided by the inclusion of a lovely octagonal Ho wood handle and buffalo horn ferrule. The price performance ratio is exceptional- now add to that the high level of fit and finish and you can see why we are very excited about this new line of knives from Konosuke.

  • Maker: Konosuke
  • Blacksmith: Non disclosed
  • Location: Sakai Japan
  • Construction: Laser Cut, Mono Steel
  • Steel: White #2
  • HRC: 61
  • Knife Type: Petty
  • Handle: Ho Wood Octagonal
  • Ferrule: Buffalo Horn
  • Edge Length: 146mm
  • Height: 29mm
  • Weight: 2oz
  • Customer Reviews

    Product Reviews

    5  Laser Petty, February 8, 2017
    Posted By: Tom McDonald - verified customer

    The 150 Laser petty from Konosuke lived up to its name. Amazingly thin, light, nimble and sharp. Great balance too. For fine detail work or if you just prefer smaller knives, this is the way to go. Sharpness OOB was excellent. Seems to keep its edge very well also. I have only briefly run it over some polishing stones in the 1st month (probably didn't even need it, but I was working on some other knives so I did it anyway).

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    5  Konosuke Should Make Scalpels, January 31, 2017
    Posted By: Jeffrey Qiu - verified customer

    I cut myself having too much fun flicking through shallots. Barely felt more than a light poke, but it was bleeding pretty heavily - much deeper than it felt, nearly painless. I slapped a band-aid on it and kept prepping. The next day, I'm changing the band-aid after showering, and the cut is just GONE. This knife cut so cleanly, the wound healed after a single night.

    Blade geometry is a dream come true: distal taper to a paper thin tip with convexing all the way down to the tiny bevel. The tip is an instrument of surgical precision, while the 60% of the blade on the heel side is a flat spot for push cutting. I love the flat spot for chiffonade.

    This knife is joy to use

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    5  konosuke petty, January 30, 2017
    Posted By: vincent - verified customer

    Many year customer- always super great service from Mark & Susan-Knife is great A++++++++++

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    5  Fantastic, January 24, 2017
    Posted By: Lee Holland

    I bought this knife to trim fat and sliver skin from large cuts of beef and pork.It's great for BBQ prep. It glides effortlessly through everything I have tried it on including vegetables like onions and peppers. I liked it so much I ended up ordering the 240 mm version for bigger jobs.

    The knife is light and nimble. The edge almost disappears when you are looking straight at it. The choil is very well rounded and the handle is nice and smooth. I don't have to much experience with carbon so I can't really compare the reactivity to other knives, but it took a patina quickly.

    I also dropped it on a bowl and it got a slight ding on the edge, but a few minutes on the stones sharpened it right back to hair popping sharp.

    I was completely blow away by this small knife.

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