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Konosuke Fujiyama Kaiju

Konosuke Fujiyama Kaiju

Konosuke Sakai has been working on this new product for a couple years now and itís a new direction that is responding to requests for a thicker gyuto, taller heel, and natural stone finish.

This new knife is the result of 3 years testing and development on a method to finish our blades in-house so that the surface was utterly free from low spots. Then about two years ago, we started thinking about a new blade that could be easily re-sharpened, giving the customers a blade that could be put directly on any natural polishing stone. Free of any low spots. Thicker with much taller heel height, one-third of the blade finished in Kaneshige on bench stones.

After much time spent working with the Tanaka and Miyojin to produce a blade they could finish in-house. Introducing the Konosuke Kaiju. The specs are as follows:

  • B2 Fujiyama
  • 4mm spine
  • 54-55mm heel
  • Full hand sharpened finished on natural stones
  • Forged by Tanaka
  • Rough grind Miyojin
  • Finish grinding, sharpening and polish Konosuke

    P.S. Each blade will come with a prepared hazuya finger stones to maintain and enjoy polishing.

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