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Kohetsu 2,000 Grit Sharpening Stone
Kohetsu 2,000 Grit Sharpening Stone

Kohetsu 2,000 Grit Sharpening Stone

Item #: ST-2000

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Our Price: $60.00
This Kohetsu 2K sharpening stone is an exclusive item for Chefknivestogo. The stones are ceramic based, require a short soak and will cut a wide variety of steels including HAP40 and Aogami Super that you find in the Kohetsu line of knives. They are formed and dried naturally in the air without any heating, and this gives them a uniform and quick cutting sharpening experience. Professionals particularly among the people working in the market places like Tsukiji in Tokyo use this stone. This 2K grit stone is 205mm x 70mm x 30mm so it's a large stone and should last a long time.

Customer Reviews


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  Great everyday stone, June 30, 2022
Posted By: Larry Johnson

At first I thought 2000 grit was too fine for everyday sharpening and I didnít know what to expect. But this stone is perfect in a commercial kitchen where knives should only need a touch-up every day or two. And I like the convenience of permanent soaking; just grab it out of the bin and start sharpening.

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  Excellent stone; outstanding value., January 22, 2020
Posted By: Richard

A short soak (1-2 minutes), and the stone is ready for business. It handles my 60-64 HRC knives easily. Thicker than my other stones and slightly narrower; the added height is welcome, and the width isn't missed.
Oh yeah -- it feels really good. Cuts with ease -- swarf generates quickly. And leaves a mirror edge with a hint of tooth.

CKTG shippedb it well-packaged and quickly.

Did I mention that I'm very pleased?

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  Finally, the right stone, October 28, 2019
Posted By: Christopher Sherwood - verified customer

I have a rough, low-grit stone to rest an edge. Then I had a fine grit that turned out to be more of a polisher. But I didn't really get a razor sharp edge until I got this one @2000 grit. It also cuts fast as previous reviews protest. I'm now getting sharp knives and couldn't be happier.

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  Very good 2k for stubborn steels, October 27, 2019
Posted By: Ryan R
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I've messed with this stone for a few months and I have to say I like it quite a bit. It is kind of a medium hardness stone, it will release abrasive somewhat easily and is possible to gouge but it's not super soft to the point it's annoying. I find it to be a somewhat good compromise in the hardness department and I think it needs to be like this in order to work like it does with very wear resistant and hard steels. It has a very nice feel and feedback and at 30mm thick it should last a while. It needs a decent soak and doesn't dry very quickly. The real strong point of this stone is its ability to cut high wear resistant steels just as the description states. I recently touched up a Manix 2 in CPM-M4 on this stone and it had absolutely no problem cutting that steel, anyone who has sharpened M4 will know that's not a small feat. I took the same knife to a Shapton Pro 5k afterwards and could immediately tell that it wasn't cutting this steel nearly as well, had a very strange feel and feedback of the knife basically skating across the stone. So if it can easily cut CPM-M4 it shouldn't have much problem with any of the other "super steels" out there. As far as the edge produced by the stone it obviously differs from steel to steel and knife to knife. For the most part it will produce an aggressive edge for 2k on your typical steels because it cuts so aggressively into them. Once you get into harder steels it produces less tooth and more polish as you would expect. Overall good stone that I will mostly use after diamond plates for really stubborn steels.

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  Chef, February 23, 2019
Posted By: Blake Rose - verified customer

Great product. Quickly processed and delivered!

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  Kohetsu 2k, August 24, 2018
Posted By: Josh - verified customer

This stone feels nice and cuts quickly. Still working on its polishing abilities. At the moment I would not immediately recommend this stone for wide bevel or single bevel knives.

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  great stone, August 21, 2018
Posted By: roger foster

I sharpen woodworking chisels and plane blades. Used 1k and 4k Nortons and 6k Arashiyama . Could never get a good polished edge.Allways had scratches . Also have 8k kitayama stone that I do not use much. I talked to Mark he said the 2k Kohetsu would be good stone for me to use with my tools .What a improvement this has made in sharpening .I also picked up the 800 Kohetsu. So after sharpening 2 chisels and 2 plane blades . All the years of using the Nortons the 4k was the problem . Now it is 800 -2k -6k to a nice scratch free polish .Now I can see a little more mirror finish when I use the 8k . Both Kohetsu stones cut very fast .I guess it comes down to quality . Thank you Mark

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  Effiective and efficient, July 9, 2018
Posted By: E Tsai - verified customer

Following the advice of several senior CKTG stones fanatics I bought the 800 / 2K set for my Takeda NAS. Love the speed and tooth the provide for everything from an old cuisinart santoku to Miyabi SG2, Kikuichi Carbon, Kikuichi Swedish, Koishi, and my beloved Takeda. A long soak required but the feel and size is great. Highly recommend!

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  Just a Bit More..., May 9, 2018
Posted By: Edward Roth
1 people found this review helpful

I just have to say this, if you can only afford one stone right now I would highly recommend this Kohetsu or the Green Brick. A 2000 grit is a very nice grit for refining or finishing if you don't need a highly polished scalpel edge. I have a nice 5000 grit King that I seldom use anymore as I only notice a polish not necessarily any sharper. My knives are plenty sharp after a 2k finish...lots of cuts have been proof to that!

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  Awesome stone , February 6, 2018
Posted By: John - verified customer

Has a very nice feel my time on it has been limited so far but I went from the 800 kohetsu to this 2000 I sharpened ginsan,AS,W

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