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Knife Sharpening Complete 9pc Set
Knife Sharpening Complete 9pc Set
Knife Sharpening Complete 9pc Set

Knife Sharpening Complete 9pc Set

Item #: 9pcSharpeningSet

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Our Price: $210.00
Here is an excellent starter set for those just learning to sharpen knives. The Beston 500 is great for setting a bevel and getting a burr as well as for chip removal and tip repairs. The Bester 1.2K stone is one of our more popular middle grit stones and is a perfect match to lead into the Suehiro Rika 5K finishing stone.

All of these stones require a short soak before you use them or you can just dribble water on them if you have a sink bridge. This set also includes a 20x pocket magnifier. The loupe is very handy to see your edge when you are sharpening. This is our best selling sharpening set on the site and we put it together to give you the best results right off the bat. The 140 Grit plate included is used for quick metal removal and stone flattening. Here is a quick list of the set.

  • Beston 500
  • Bester 1.2 K
  • Suehiro Rika 5K
  • 20X Loupe
  • Deburring Block
  • CKTG Sharpie
  • 123 Stone Holder
  • CKTG Blue Angle Guides
  • CKTG 140 Grit Diamond Plate

  • Customer Reviews

    Product Reviews

    5  Complete Knife Sharpening Set, November 6, 2018
    Posted By: D, Johnson - verified customer

    Order was delivered very quickly and arrived well packaged. I have used the kit several times and have gotten very good to excellent results on each of the knives I have sharpened. I haven't needed the 500 grit stone yet since my knives had pretty good edges to begin with. Watching the video on-line improved my technique.

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    5  Knife sharpening complete 9pc set, March 3, 2018
    Posted By: Detlef Hollatz - verified customer

    Nice and friendly seller. Parcel needed only four days to Germany. I am very happy. The set is just great!

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    5  Sharpening set, July 17, 2017
    Posted By: Cadiz, Loel - verified customer

    Excellent set for a beginner like me, soaking the stones for 30 mins to an hour gave a better feedback. Highly recommended.

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    5  All you need to get started, June 7, 2017
    Posted By: Marty C. - verified customer

    Mark was right, this kit contains everything I needed to sharpen my knives. I bought a couple of knives from the Tojiro shirogami line and was delighted at how sharp they became by using the progression of stone provided in the kit. I've never used water stones before, but these seem to really work nice and help me understand what people mean by "feedback". The videos on site helped me get started, but "Doing" teaches so much more than just reading or watching videos about sharpening. It's fun.

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    5  Head chef, May 30, 2017
    Posted By: kevin emily - verified customer

    Nice set; you may need a sink bridge. Great for any skill level

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    5  Nice Pair, May 2, 2017
    Posted By: Tyler James Calderwood - verified customer

    These stones are what I needed. I didn't want to do tons of research to buy incredible stones that I would later regret. I found these sets posted here on CKTG an I am absolutely amazed at how sharp a a novice could get their knives with this set. On my very first run through I was able to get my stainless steel Mercer knife to absolute razor sharpness on my first 1 - 2 hour run. These will last me forever if cared and used for correctly, and you can only get better at sharpening the more you use it. The universal holder is amazing and is solid and works exactly as described. I cannot go into detail how well each stone works, because I do not have anything to compare it to. With some youtube videos and patience (beer) anyone can freehand sharpen, and these stones will do exactly that.Thanks for an excellent first purchase, CKTG.

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    5  For my First ever kit, I like it, February 7, 2017
    Posted By: Andrew Wizzo - verified customer

    I do have to admit, I wish the video used EVERYTHING from the purchase. but it did get close enough. I sharpened all my knives fairly successfully. And only got cut once when I lost focus and pushed the knife into my finger tip. Nevertheless. They really worked. I only wish I knew if I was using them right. They are ofcourse sharp now compared to before. But The kitchen knives I sharpened arent sharp enough to cut my arm hair on contact with the blade. Not sure if It should or not, but seen some people be able to do that. thought it was cool. Thanks!

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    5  Great Kit, December 11, 2016
    Posted By: Joe L. - verified customer

    I needed some sharpening stones to touch up my various Tojiro DPs and decided on this kit. Everything you need to get the job done is included. After watching the video and some practice with all three stones on a couple of other knives I had that needed a lot of work, I went to town on my Tojiros, with excellent results, they are laser sharp again. Didn't need to use the roughest stone for the DPs as all they really needed was a touch up, but I don't think you can go wrong with this kit.

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    4  Great starter kit!, July 11, 2016
    Posted By: Dave - verified customer

    I was a total newbie when I bought this kit and it has helped me get my start! There are nicer stones, but to start and keep it affordable, this is your kit! The stone holder works well too. I just place it in a sheet Pan and get to work. The stone require a good soak and some dish a little quicker, but they're effective and perfect to learn on.

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    5  Start here!, July 10, 2016
    Posted By: Ray M - verified customer

    This set takes all of the guess work and associated anxiety out of choosing the gear needed for your intro to sharpening on stones. In fact it's a great set for anyone looking for a one size fits all solution to a sharpening set up. Mark has chosen a perfect group of stones and accessories. Each of the stones is a stand out in their own right. The kit has everything you need. And it's ll good quality stuff. They are especially well chosen for novices. I was thrilled with the first time results I got from this kit. Just buy this set and watch the videos. It's not that hard to get a good edge when you have the right gear and instruction. This is a great place to start.

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    5  No better way to start , July 8, 2016
    Posted By: Juan P. - verified customer

    I actually don't own this kit but a buddy of mine at work has it and I can tell you it is more than enough for getting your knives more than working sharp. Sometimes I'm tempted of getting it myself if it wasn't that I have two different kits. This is a must buy for anyone starting to sharpening or for someone upgrading fromantic cheaper stones. You'll never outgrow this kit.

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    5  Product Review, May 21, 2014
    Posted By: chris - verified customer

    I am a line cook that has been using house knives for several years. they are great the day they come in sharpened from a local service but are terrible within a day. I do not own any high end knives but I used this set to sharpen my sams club knives. this set sharpens my cheap knives to edges rivaling that of my fathers Kramer zwilling knives. would highly recommend would be scared to see what they could do with a real knife .

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    5  Product Review, May 20, 2014
    Posted By: Brad - verified customer

    Great set of stones... can't go wrong highly recommend.

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    5  Product Review, April 5, 2014
    Posted By: Mauidj - verified customer

    What a great kit. This is my first try at sharpening and I am amazed at how well I did first time out. I sharpened an old Sabatier to get some practice before moving on to my nicer knives and I am blown away at how sharp I got it. The edge looks like a mirror. For a first attempt this is very encouraging. Now I understand why people get so engrossed in the sharpening act. Thank you CKTG and Mark for the great product, advice and video guide. Five stars indeed!

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    5  Product Review, March 3, 2014
    Posted By: Nick Lachman - verified customer

    Amazing set if stones and equipment for the price. The edge I am able to achieve on my knives is unmatched.

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    5  Product Review, December 31, 2013
    Posted By: Greg T - verified customer

    Excellent quality. This is a complete set. A great way to get started with knife sharpening.

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    5  Product Review, December 23, 2013
    Posted By: Mitch G - verified customer

    I absolutely love this kit! Having never sharpened knives before on a whetstone, I ordered this kit after a bit of research and quickly found myself sharpening knives to a razor edge even on the first go!Now all my friends want me to sharpen their knives. As usual CKTG offered stellar service and the product arrived quickly and was well packaged with nothing damaged.

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    5  Product Review, October 16, 2013
    Posted By: Bob - verified customer

    Great product and a good price

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes No
    5  Product Review, July 8, 2013
    Posted By: Forrest - verified customer

    Great product, great customer service! I really couldn't be more pleased with the job y'all are doing to bring the best products at a reasonable price.

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