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Kiyoshi Kato Knives

Kiyoshi Kato Knives

We have several licensed swordsmiths on our site and here is a great new addition to that list. Kiyoshi Kato was born in 1944 and has been making knives for 50 years. We plan on a visit to Kato-san on our next trip to Japan. Mr. Kato is a blacksmith located in Hokuto City, which is near Nagano for you geography fans. The knives he has made for us are done with shirogami #2 steel (white paper #2) and they are some of the sharper knives out of the box we have in our store. Great craftsmanship on these knives and sold under his company name Yoshiaki Fujiwara. They won't be in stock very often because supply is limited. We will be doing custom handles on these knives using our master woodworker Isaiah Schroeder. Enjoy!

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