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Ken's CBN Spray 1.0 micron
Ken's CBN Spray 1.0 micron
Ken's CBN Spray 1.0 micron

Ken's CBN Spray 1.0 micron

Item #: Ken-1Spray
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Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) is a synthetic crystalline material second only to diamond in the Knoop hardness scale. While it is softer than diamond, CBN ranks higher than this material in terms of abrasion and oxidation resistance, especially when used with steel alloys. CBN has a crystalline inertness that makes it the abrasive of choice for grinding steels, cast iron, and nickel-based alloys.

CBN products are often more expensive to produce than diamond products in specific applications. It is particularly effective for hard knife steels rated over 60 HRC, although it is still very usable with softer steels too. It works very well in conjunction with leather, balsa, paper and felt, in both freehand applications and on precision guided devices, too.

This 1.00 micron spray is equivalent to 16,000 grit. CBN is the next hardest thing to diamond, but the cutting action is quicker and it gives incredibly sharp edges.
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